My Book Review: Heartsick (Book 1) by Chelsea Cain

Heartsick: A Thriller (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell Book 1) by [Cain, Chelsea]My Review and Thoughts:

Move over Hannibal Lector. Wow what a graphic kick in the gut book. This is what it’s all about. A true in your face master crafted book that grabs you and shakes your very imagination to the breaking point. A pure piece of unrelenting serial killer horror that works in many ways.

A created modern piece of criminal fiction that blew me away. Gretchen Lowell is the perfect villain. The spider seeking her victims inside her web. Archie our main star our detective has a special talent for seeking out and taking out serial killers. Now Gretchen is behind bars and Archie has an obsession of why, he lived.

This is a brilliant and an original piece of fiction that seems like it’s real. A true thriller that sparks all the senses into overload. The truly amazing thing about this book is the character development of your two main stars. Archie the scarred and damaged pill popping detective and Susan the young pink haired reporter. Both are priceless.

The writing is descriptive. Archie’s horrible past to the present day murders all are word play for the mind to comprehend and imagine the horrors taking place. Chelsea Cain knows how to write. The flawless style gives an emotional tidal wave and thought provoking edge of your seat ride, page after page of high quality story telling.

The writer plunges the reader deep into the subconscious of the killer and the victim. This sparks the contemporary thriller genera with a high quality ordeal of mixed emotions and pure unrelenting actions that the reader can’t help but be fascinated with and drunk on each page.

I don’t think I have ever seen a book flow so easy and feel so down to earth, yet sophisticated at the same time. I fell in love, in a twisted, disturbing way with Gretchen. She is one of the most fascinating serial killers ever created in fiction. She is truly one of the most disturbing fictional bad guys’, whoops, bad girls, ever created. A tour-de-force book from start to finish. I highly recommend this powerful gruesome and disturbing book.

A Perfect Read.

My Rating: 5 out of 5