My Book Review: Sweetheart (Book 2) by Chelsea Cain

Sweetheart: A Thriller (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell Book 2) by [Cain, Chelsea]My Review and Thoughts:

Here we go with part 2 of this amazing in your face no hold’s bar story. Another trip into the life and recovery of detective Archie Sheridan and his screwed up past ordeal with the serial killer Gretchen. This is another page turner. This series is not afraid at all to step over the boundaries, that most writers never dare to do.

This book like the first is a true un-relenting escape into the very nature and fabric of insanity and the horror of murder with pleasure. This is a very creepy book…a psychological orgy of human evil. A twisted obsessed love story of torture, pain and violence woven into its basis.

Archie is the victim, Gretchen is the victimizer. Sweetheart is a pulse pounding twisted ride of murder and the reality of a guilty pleasure, in wanting the book not to end. A fresh new book of gore, twisted romance, and most of all, serial killing. Which brings this book alive, so that the reader finds each page, like a high that never comes down.

Chelsea Cain is a master. She is distinctive in creating her main players as thought provoking, and is compelling, sentence after sentence. This book made me anxious. Sweaty. Tense. I felt giddy in away, as the relationship of victim, and serial killer play out in graphic detail, to capture a down to earth, emotional roller coaster of sanity and insanity.

This series of books would make a great crime, TV drama for HBO, or Showtime, or a series of movies. Another brilliant way to create a convincing story that lingers in the readers mind. Susan Ward, the reporter, Archie the detective, Gretchen the serial killer, all woven around mystery, and suspense, and piles of bodies.

Edge of your seat action, and spell binding excitement, that never lets up. A truly disturbing and deadly love triangle between detective and serial killer. It gets under your skin, and gives you goose bumps, and pure chills.

The plot is thicker, more dramatic this time around, from a scandal of a mayor, to a body dump, all the way to the main serial killer star. She is up to her old tricks again, tagging along in painful pleasure filled bliss. Also, Archie's twisted, haunted, disturbing mind. Just when you think Archie is getting a little better, his deranged, poor, screwed up puppy dog leashed obsession, pulls and tugs at him, making him once again, begging like a dog for a bone, as Gretchen pulls the leash tighter and tighter.

My Rating: 4 out of 5