My Book Review: The Van by Tim Miller

The Van: An Extreme Horror Story by [Miller, Tim]My Review and Thoughts:

(When I first reviewed this the book was called Rape Van, it has since changed it's name.)

If you don’t know Tim Miller’s writing style than you don’t know what hell is like. Tim Miller creates a disturbing style of writing that not only gets under your skin, but also rape’s and brutalizes your mind. It feeds into your nightmares and kicks your inner soul in the balls.

Rape Van is like making you a pig being led to the slaughter and thoroughly being eviscerated with a cat of nine tails.

This first and foremost is not a book to take lightly. Any Tim Miller book is a book not to take lightly and unless you’re into total bloodshed and carnage, this is not for you. I warn anyone who decides to adventure into the darkened realm of Tim Miller. Rape Van is a twisted insanity of pain, victims and destruction of the human form.

The plot goes that Andy and Bridget are two travelers. They love the vast towns and cities they cross through. There van is without windows. The windowless van conceals a secret. It conceals many secrets. Andy and Bridget have secrets of pain, bloodshed, horror and lust.
For inside the van the horrible of horrors come to life and destroy all that enter in more than one way. Two personas, Bridget and Andy, a nice couple giving rides to hitchhikers, but that ride becomes the deep recesses of pain and suffering. The title of the book should explain it all.

If you’re a fan of J.F. Gonzalez's Survivor or anything by Greg F. Gifune, Bryan Smith, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Gord Rollo, then Tim Miller is for you. Although I think Miller steps beyond the beyond in violence on page and creates memorable stories that the reader bleeds with.

Blood, gore, suffering, visceral depravity all sums up Tim Miller’s Rape Van. Not for the Harry Potter fan. Not for the glittery vampire lovers. Not for the Darcy expectations. This is for the serial killer’s in training.

Would I Return to This Again: Tim Miller is an originality in his own, and I often adventure back into his darkened realm. While reading his visceral carnage, I must pace myself. I find myself having to give, hours or a day in-between his chapters. They are books that can be very quick reads, but also make one question their sanity, and yet that’s the beauty of Tim Miller’s writing.

Would I Recommend: As I have stated to those who get or understand this type of writing. This is not a mere horror book, none of Tim miller’s books are mere horror stories, they are so much more. They feel like, and become the very mind set of a serial killer, or a mad man or woman inside the throes of insanity.

Year Published: 2016

Four Words: Brutal, Disturbing, Visceral, Shocking.

My Rating: 4 out of 5