My Book Review: Seeing Evil (Cycle of Evil Book 1) by Jason Parent

Seeing Evil (Cycle of Evil Book 1) by [Parent, Jason]My Review and Thoughts:

Seeing Evil is a wickedly entertaining horror novel that builds upon story and thick imagination that grabs the reader and thoroughly sends them into a twisted scary tale of classic horror. A thick, deep story that shines in the department of just how-to tell a story.

To be honest this was the first time reading Jason Parent. I had no knowledge of his style or his imagination before this novel and I must say I am an instant fan. This is equal parts horror and yet equal parts story of characters and situations that bleed off the page into the nightmares of the reader. Each character is thought out and each character has a mysterious nature that adds to the story.

This is a dark thriller that plays with the mind and gives a satisfied read.

This comes in at less than 250 pages, but with that said the story is so well thought out, and packed with one turn, twist, and imaginative reality, that after the story comes together and the reader is satisfied, you still don’t want it to end. Clearly this is a reality that could be explored more and that is why as of this writing, this is Book One in what is known as the Cycle of Evil Series, which book 2 will be available on May 29th, 2018. The second book is called Hearing Evil, which can be read on Kindle soon.

In Seeing Evil, your main character is Michael Turcotte who happens to see the future. He has lived a hard life knowing his parents died in a murder suicide at his young age of 3 years old. Making it worse it happened in front of him. Soon Michael has a vision of his friend with a gun standing up against a bully. In the vision, the friend shoots and kills the bully in the hallway of the school. This vision and the later outcome lead Michael down a path of helping the police in a missing persons case and answering for his unique gift of seeing things before they happen. This ability will lead him and all those around him into an unbelievable cat and mouse game of forces, that bring unexpected outcomes. and twists of realities. The complete story will take the reader on a journey of written perfection.

Jason Parent is truly a gifted writer that showcases a brilliant imagination, that not only lingers after the book is over, but his ability to take you on a journey inside the pages is what truly makes him a gifted writer. This being the first time reading his wonderment, I am thoroughly satisfied and looking forward too many more adventures inside his twisted brain.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely in a heartbeat. Jason Parent has all the horror of Stephen King, all the imaginative wordplay of Dean Koontz, and all the disturbing nature of Clive Barker.

Would I Return to: Absolutely? I can’t wait to see where this goes. I feel this could be truly a wonderful and twisted imaginative series that lingers long and strong in written form.

Pages: 234 pages

How I Read: Trade Paperback, it can also be read on Kindle.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Twisted, Brilliantly Told, Nefarious.