My Book Review: Caligatha by Matt Spire

Caligatha: A Speculative Fiction Novel (Realm Book 1) by [Spire, Matt]My Review and Thoughts: 

A complex science fiction tale. Well written. Takes you on a truly interesting reality built around the imagination with all the trademarks of a thick, important science fiction book.

Lovers of science fiction will take to this book and find it truly in the realm of pure storytelling. It mixes all the futuristic ideas and completes itself into something that stands out above a lot of other science fiction books.

The future. A scientist who tries to bring his wife and child back. During this process his drugged mind and ultimate depression play a factor in his overall experiments and frustrations. Add in a world that is lost, striving to live and you have at times, a book that not only weaves its interesting ideas, but also has the reader thinking, guessing, contemplating just how unique, or real these concepts are.

It has all the clichés of a post-apocalyptic world, but, feels fresh and original. There is a unique mixture of mystery with the deep understanding of imagination. That imagination brought forth by Matt Spire, seems as if it's from the realms of the subconscious mind.

The old additive of just how far technology can lead us without destroying us, or without confusing the mind, and taking away the thought process of sanity. Technology can ultimately cloud the rational judgement of the most genius of people.

This book is very different, in that it has so many different doors, leading to different outcomes, or the old simple comment, twists and turns. I felt drained. I felt totally immersed into a layered complex narrative that my mind dreamed outside of my head. No matter how farfetched the reality was, it made sense, if that makes sense.

Matt Spire can truly grasp a story and give it a life like structure that no matter how out there it is, or how futuristic, or horror laced it is, he makes you believe. He makes you understand. He takes you on a twisted journey that I can’t truly put into words without sounding illogical. Spire is a wonderful storyteller that bleeds the imaginative ideas, concepts, dreams, future, dark reality that only a great storyteller could create.

This is a different book. It is a different style of storytelling. There is a great mixture of realities in this book. Lovers of William Gibson and sparks of Philip K. Dick mingle.

Caligatha is in a sense all originality weaved around a nightmarish, dream like illusions, that become a reality inside your mind.

Spire gives a human side to the fanciful. He gives an intrinsic voice to the future, and emotion to its sad setting.

Would I Return to it again: Yes, I would? There is truly a gifted spark of dreamy, technology rape, that is brilliant and yet nightmarish.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely to lovers of science fiction and futuristic techno, end of society style readers.

My Rating: 4 out of 5