My Book Review: Cute by Jim Everhard

Book: Cute

Author: Jim Everhard

Pages: 80

My Review and Thoughts:

Beautiful prose, at its most excellent. Sentences that flow with clarity. Possibly one of the greatest structured poetry books. Jim Everhard takes you through sentences that leave emotions, and a breathtaking journey to form a complete story that's uses all the senses of the reader as the book of poetry comes to a close.

Amazing. Powerful. Superb. A book poetry I fell in love with. It became a part of me. It's a book of poetry that will stay with you and become apart you. It deserves all the accolades it can have. It deserves so much more considering this is an old poetry book published in 1982. I came across it at a used book store scanning the countless poetry books that seemed to be thrown around like nothing, which always saddens me beyond belief. I think it's one of those poetry books, that should be required reading for lover of poetry. It should be on anyone's booklist. Book clubs should transcend its beauty and share to others. Poets and poetry lovers should seek this book out.

I love when I come across a poetry book that not only leaves one totally enthralled with the words, and the sentences displayed, but most of all it makes the reader want to meet the author. It makes the reader want to know everything that went into creating this book of poetry. I love it when I come across a poetry book, and read it, and become totally weaved into the sentences. I love to find poetry books that I can display on the shelf, and say yes, that is a must-read book. Yes, that is utterly draining to the senses. That is a book that controls the part of the mind that falls in love with great storytelling through poetry and that is what Cute by Jim Everhard does.

I can't speak enough about this book as you can tell. I highly recommend it. I think it's one of those poetry books, that yes, some might not get it, and some might not understand the power that I'm giving to it, but in the end, it's still one of those poetry books that people will find fascinating after finally finding it or picking it up; as being something truly gifted.

Don’t know much about the Poet. Other than he sadly died in 1986 from AIDS. Another wonderful, amazing artist lost from that horrible killer of four letters. He left a wonderful legacy with this book, that sadly needs republishing for this generation and all generations.

Would I Recommend: In a heartbeat. This is a fantastic read and should be experienced.

Would I return to it: Again, absolutely without a doubt?

Four Final Words: Brilliant. Emotional. Seductive. Intense.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Favorite Lines:

Page 17 Titled: Distance

I taste you
the way the birds taste
the sky   flying through it
as the Buddha tastes the cloud
tasting himself
taste with my fingers
my eyes
my cock
my tongue

Page 48 Titled: Monologue for an Aging Queen

Good night, indeed, for my greying poet
with paling headaches and one coy mistress
in the golden boas of my ennui shoulders.
Give me a peach! Give me the cock
on the roof tree! The grass is singing
Shakespearean ragtime. To be, to be