My Book Review: Heart of a Lion by Gilbert Morris

Book Description: The world is spiraling toward destruction, and one man receives a divine mandate... Young Noah has found life good and wholesome, until he steps outside his village and discovers a world of temptation. Drawn by a beautiful woman yet repulsed by the pagan practices of her tribe's dark worship, his inner struggle keeps him in torment. Noah strains to hear the voice of God, through the warnings of a prophet, through the kind teachings of his grandfather Methuselah, through the loving concern of his family, and ultimately through personal confrontation. The message he receives is terrifying. Will he find the courage to obey?

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a solid fictional tale of true life biblical events. A wonderful exploration of Noah and his family. I love the creative background and story weaved together to complete the novel. The story of Noah and the flood is one of my favorite bible stories. Seeing it through this novel, Noah's life, growth and ultimate completion of Gods master plan was fantastic.

Morris truly knows how to take a story and capture fictional reality and mix it with biblical truths. He places you there in all its vivid details. The history comes to life as you turn each page. I really enjoyed the added appeal of Noah's children and their backstories.

Solid foundation in scripture and added fictional beauty to create a splendid book to further understand Noah and the reality around him. Morris places you there during the time period and makes you believe.

A perfected drama written with history and biblical flare. I loved the drawn out characters of the wives. Getting to know them even if in a fictional setting was a fantastic reality. Each one plays a pivotal role in this fictional tale. Loved how he added the fictional flare to each person’s personality and gave each a backstory of drama, pain or unique reality that just adds to the overall story.

I loved experiencing the characters of Noah and his family. Morris gave a personal side and fleshed out each player. He made a deep thought provoking story of one family. A perfected imagination. Highly recommended. Superb.

Four Final Word: Imaginative. Biblically wonderful. Splendid.

Number of Pages: 344 pages

My Rating: 4 out 5