My Book Review: Words that Kill by Vivid Vega

Book: Words That Kill

Author: Vivid Vega

Pages: 113

My Review and Thoughts:

This is an interesting, deep, dark and vivid style of poetry. The mixture of dark paper and white smudged art alongside the poetry is an art form by itself.

The poetry is very blunt in nature, dark and depressing. It mixes self-loathing with a splat of suicidal thoughts. It’s a mixture of light and darkness in the idea of expressing an emotional ordeal inside each piece of poetry.

The only real negative I found with the book of poems is it gets a little repetitive at times, but in the end the book comes together to create a very moving experience. The poems are all untitled but are labeled in sections: Sticks and Stones, Last Breath, I see the Light. If I had to pick a favorite section it would be the Sticks and Stones section of the book.

Like I say the book is a mixture of rough raw smudge art on black paper and poetry which creates something to remember. I do feel Vivid Vega is a very gifted poem writer in the nature of an emotional reaction. Vega tends to make poetry flow through rhyming. Most poetry books this day and age do not go with the rhyming reality of poetry, so I thought that was very interesting, but also a little of it's negative downfall, in that as I have stated it was repetitive or at least the use of the same word was repetitive.

In the end the book flows with an ease. It's an emotionally dark ordeal and comes around in the end with a somewhat lighter note in the section: I see the Light. This was a random buy for me and I had no knowledge of the writer or what the styles of poetry was. For a random out of the blue buy I have to say I was moved by the dark, depressing, vivid poetry that flowed with a reaction grabbing mentality as you read each page.

Would I recommend: Absolutely. Specifically for those who like darker poetry, or an artistic approach to poetry.

Would I Return to It: I would. I think there are many pieces in the book that garner rereads or expressing that piece to another person. I think we all can relate to at least one or two of the pieces in the book. I think we all have been in a depressed state at one time in our life. Theses poems express life in it's darkened moments.

Four Final Words: Depressing, Artistic, Vivid, Blunt.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Favorite Lines:

Page 81:

“To drive into oblivion my thoughts can’t refrain”

“To crash into your heart would be my greatest pleasure.”