My Book Review: The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

My Review and Thoughts:

The House on Foster Hill is a wonderful read. A thick mystery suspense. An inspirational novel that truly knows how to grab the reader, take them on a journey, adventure of imaginative story telling.

The characters in the book are fleshed out in vivid detail and the reader can’t help but fall in love with Ivy, Joel, Kaine, Grant, Joy Megan, and we can’t forget the dogs Olive and Sophie.  Each character comes to life on the page. You as the reader can’t help but become a part of them, become a part of the story. It’s a cliché to say that while reviewing a book but in this case, I can’t help but feel that these characters were a part of my family. Part of my lineage. Part of my historical make up of life.

The book is so well written that it’s two different time periods. You flash back-and-forth in one family’s ordeal as the mystery is thick and slowly unfolds. You want to turn the page. you want to get to the end. You want to find the conclusion so that the mystery can be solved, because your brain is in high gear with anticipation on what is going to happen.

The writing is so structured and thought out that everything comes to life. The small town feels. The fear. The dread. The emotional baggage.

You have two story lines one taking place in 1906. A murder has taken place of a young woman. She is found dead at Foster Hill House. So, begins the mystery of why she was murdered of who she was and what transpired. Your introduced to your main character of Ivy during this time. Ivy works for her father; her father is the medical examiner doctor and so she gets firsthand knowledge of the murder. She wants to find out who killed this girl by any means and she will go about putting her life in danger to find out that situation.

Then you are introduced in the present day relative of the character of Ivy. Kaine has come to Oakwood Wisconsin to trace her family roots after purchasing an old rundown house known as Foster Hill House the same spot where the murder transpired in 1906. Kaine has baggage. She believes her boyfriend was murdered two years ago. The police don’t take her serious. She is also being stalked in San Diego California where she’s from. Things in her apartment gone through, changed, altered. She wanted to move from San Diego to get away from it, to hide away from whoever is stalking her. So, she tracers her family history back to Oakland Wisconsin were her relatives are from.

But as she arrives everything starts to change. As the stalker seems to have made it to Oakland Wisconsin to terrorize her just the way he was doing in San Diego. Soon she will meet characters from the small town as she slowly unravels the secrets of her family’s past and the secrets of Foster Hill House.

something I love about this book is the added wonderful inspirational Christian side of the novel, the aspects of God, hope, and faith. It’s wonderful to pick up a suspenseful mystery novel and not have to be bombarded with blatant foul language, disgusting sexual content. This is a clean book.

The whodunit. The cat and mouse game. The thick suspense. The edge of your seat drama creates a wonderful thick book that grabs a hold of the reader that never lets them go. The book creates a personal side that creates a thinking process. That creates a wonderment for the reader as they turn page after page. You fall in love with this town. You fall in love with the characters. You fall in love with the old rundown house. You also fall in love with the budding romantic relationship between your main female character Kaine and the main male character Grant. There is a wonderful flirtation. A wonderful growing tension. An innocent growing love.

Jaime Jo Wright’s debut novel is a splendid read. It’s a read that anyone can become a part of. To be thrilled with. To be thoroughly entertained by. It’s a mystery that unfolds in imaginative writing. The past comes to haunt the future, the future goes back to haunt the past. As both story lines come together to complete one complete story two separate telling’s, two separate time periods. Several different characters, all of them attached in one way or another.

Would I Return to Again: Absolutely. It is one of those books your can reread and enjoy all over again. Became an instant fan of Jaime Jo Wrights writing style. She creates a perfect setting in written word.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. This is one book that anyone should read. It has all the touches of many styles of books from mystery and suspense to Historical mela-drama, to romantic notions, all twisting around a deep dark subject and yet also a very inspiring read.

Four Final Words: Awesome, Mysterious, Inspiring, Deep.

My Rating: 4 out of 5