My Book Review: A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette

My Review and Thoughts:

A wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring read.

An emotional roller coaster of description and beauty in storytelling. The book creates a bliss that pulls at the readers heartstrings. You can’t help but feel for the characters in one way or another. Each character has the ability to grow on you. There are moments of pain and moments of smiles and moments of laughing mixed with a dramatic reality weaved into this tight told story of wanting love, of finding oneself. Of trying to fit in.

Your main character Moriyah at 13 years of age was kidnapped and branded on her face with the mark of pagan gods. The mark also details that she was to become a prostitute, but before this reality could happen, she was saved. Now grown, she is shunned, ridiculed and made fun of. She feels like an outcast. She is looked down upon even though she never became the pagan prostitute, but her mark brands her for life. She hides her face with a veil, stays inside as much as she can and hides behind her loving father’s vineyard. She feels imprisoned in a sense.

I fell in love with the character of Ora, who is Moriyah’s best friend. She is a blind woman who was taken advantage of and ended up giving birth to a child because of that rape. Justice never came her way and so she to is marked in a sense. Moriyah and Ora are in the same reality of imprisonment. Soon Moriyah’s father because of his age and declining health has bartered a husband for his daughter. Moriyah had always thought no one would ever have her because of her branding on the face. This new reality sets in an emotional side of inner thoughts to the character. She has never met the man before her father agreed to give her away in marriage. So, begins the reality of the story about a woman with a branding scar calling her a Pagan Prostitute finding and growing with this man she never thought would ever want to marry her, this arranged marriage. Not all goes as planned. As mishaps happen and a growing danger lead Moriyah on one journey after the other as her once hidden peaceful imprisonment by hiding out, now comes full force into public settings.

She longs to be loved. To be accepted. This new reality she can only hope that this new man will treat her respectively but what she hopes for in wanting love and care ends up becoming an altered path that she never saw coming. Not all goes as expected as the story twist and turns in Moriyah's life.

The book is a wonderful personal statement on the idea of beliefs, love, acceptance, inner human peace. There is an aspect of people treating people in mean heartless ways just because they have in a sense been branded (yes by physical branding in this situation) in public opinion and public bullying just because someone is different or other beliefs and gossip have wrongfully convicted that person without true merit.

The book is a solid read. An inspiring book with Christian beliefs and the true aspects of love, compassion, caring.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. This is a wonderful book of emotional storytelling that gives and leaves a lasting reality upon the reader. A great read of emotions.

Would I Return to Again? No, once was enough, but I will continue to read this wonderful author and her amazing ability to capture perfection in characters and storyline.

Final Four Words: Inspiring. Emotionally Charged. Perfection.

My Rating: 4 out of 5