My Book Review: Kentucky Bloodbath by Kevin Sullivan

Kentucky Bloodbath

Author: Kevin Sullivan 

My Review and Thoughts:

First off I think the title of this book is misleading. Basically the majority of the True Crime stories take place in one area Louisville Kentucky, I was hoping for more of a variety of True Crime stories through out Kentucky. Now looking past that this is filled with a collection of interesting true crime cases. I picked this book up because I have a Cabin in Kentucky and often live there on and off throughout the year and so the idea of Kentucky True Crime appealed to me. 

All the stories are very short and for the majority of them they are detailed and well written. I would have liked more back story on the characters involved, to give it a more human persona while reading. Mostly the stories are right to the point, and with in a few pages the story is over. The good thing is each story is completed, and you know the outcome. Many of the stories have pictures, which is always a plus.

I found some of the True Crime stories a lot better than others, or at least were written in a more complex way.

My favorite reads from the book are:

Blood in the Moonlight
The Boxhill Murders 
The Iceman
Closing Time 

Voice From Above 

This is a very short read with 145 pages. It packs 10 true crime stories that leave a lasting impression, at least some of them did. I was thoroughly entertained. This is a quick read. I read it in 2 sittings, can easily be read in 1 sitting. 

Would I Return to Again: The 6 stories I mentioned that are my favorites, absolutely. 

Would I Recommend: I think for die hard True Crime Buffs that are interested in crimes that most have never heard of than absolutely. I think this is a quick, easy read, and very informative. 

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Four Word Description: Descriptive, Unique, Informative, Entertained.