My Book Review: Devoted by Dean Koontz


Author: Dean Koontz

Year Published: 2020

Plot: A corporate company with secrets, an infected man turns killer. A smart intelligent dog. A devoted mother to a genius autistic boy who is out to make those pay who he believes murdered his father. All these elements come together in a thriller that is pure Koontz style.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is your typical Koontz novel. A basic story somewhat rehashed and yet still had a nice little spark to hold you to the end. Like in all Koontz fashion you have your smart intelligent dog named Kipp, who is a Golden Retrever who knows how to think, communicate and do amazing things. Just like most all of Koontz’s books the dog is a major part of the plot. Yes, very unoriginal but was fun to hear and read the inner thoughts of a special created dog. 

You have an autistic boy named Woody with an IQ of a genius and a devoted mother to that child. Also add in the mixture of a bad guy named Shacket and that’s the summing up of this book. I don’t like to sound so negative but if you have read a Koontz book in the last 10 years then you basically have read the same story over and over again or at least basic elements of the same story or same style of characters, hint the always smart dog.

Shacket your main character, a.k.a. the bad guy, who is a corporate man, who escaped a company that he was working for, and he is now on the run, infected with something that is changing him from the inside. This change is the highlight of the book. I really liked the slow change and altering mood swings and then ultimate acts of murder. Shacket slowly changes into something vile. Something Koontz is good at and something that always appeals to me in his writing is he knows how to write bad guys (yes at times they somewhat seem the same), he has away with creating evil personas. 

Even though the rehashing of many elements I still was entertained and enjoyed the story of the Devoted mother and Dog, adding in the mixture of violence from a sadistic deranged altered killer. I felt the story came together to create a tale that reads in a basic what’s going on fashion of storytelling. I thought Koontz knew what he wanted to say and create his personal mastery, which he does just that with all his recent novels, he has away with what he wants to do. Koontz has a style (that yes is rehashed over and over) that works for him and his many followers love his work and continue to adventure into his many realms of imagination.

Would I Return to Again: Nope? Once was enough, and is like I say, you basically know the story and how its going to unfold and in Koontz writing fashion that’s okay and works for his fans.

Would I Recommend: For all Koontz’s fans.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Four Final Words:  Simplistic, Imaginative, Basic Koontz.