My Book Review: Flying Saucer by Mitch Sebourn

Flying Saucer

Author: Mitch Sebourn

Plot: After a year of bad luck, having lost her job and her family, Audrey Cole is hoping for a break. She wants to take her music career to the next level, and she believes she's finally written the song that will make it happen. It's called "Flying Saucer," and it's an irresistible pop metaphor for all that life can throw at you. After a terrific New Year's Eve performance on Las Vegas Boulevard, Audrey can sense that her present course is finally starting to turn. But then her song, which she's never recorded, is played on the radio. It's online. It's everywhere, and somehow, it really is her performing it. And this oddity is only part of the mysterious web in which Audrey has somehow become entangled. Someone is following her. Someone is spying on the ones she loves the most. And a shocking tragedy that Audrey will do anything to undo is well on its way.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is an interesting, slow-burn, mysterious complex story with rich detail and transparent qualities that leave the reader guessing, thanking, contemplating on just what is going on. Priceless characters developed and thought out in great detail. A heavy dose of mystery. Pages flooded with unanswered questions as you dig deep into the plot to see just what is going on or what is going to transpire next. The high detail of mystery spins you along a corridor of scenarios that are fleshed out by Mitch. Sebourn clearly knows how to tell a story that raptures the readers senses. He never lets up with the thick mystery that is unfolding page after page.

There is a deep underlying emotional connection for the reader while relating to your main characters. Not only is the mystery relevant, but it's the human stories that become the focus of clarity. It's so cliché to say you become the characters. but in all honesty these characters are you and me. As you adventure into this tale of mystery, that human concept really bleeds off the pages into a spiraling heart, that beats within you.

The story demands an audience. It demands for the page to be turned. You the reader must know. Mitch gives you a dreamscape like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is a little more of the tale. The plot vanishes as your mind decodes the mystery and solves the riddle. Flying Saucer is a brilliant tale of humanity and all its hidden, mysterious realities.

I've always been fascinated by the unknown. Intrigued by the aspect of UFOs and aliens. I'm an X-Files kid. I grew up with the X-Files and so it's always fascinated me. Do I believe? I want to believe. There's a possibility, and this story that Mitch has created is believable. It's a great story to contemplate. Mitch makes it feel real. He makes it feel personal. In simple terms this is a wonderful read of imaginative qualities that seem and feel real in all its storytelling glory.

Would I Return to Again: Absolutely? I loved the story and somewhere down the lane of time I see myself reading this again. It’s something that sticks with you.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. A great book to explore. A wonderful imaginative tale of pure mystery and dynamic characters.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Mysteriously brilliant. Emotionally complex.