My Book Review for Poisoning Eros by Monica J O'Rourke & Wrath James White

Poisoning Eros

Plot: (Back of Book) Sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes life just plain sucks. You do what you can to get by, but sometimes even that isn't enough. Meet Gloria, aging porno star, drug addict, failed wife and mother—seduced into a monstrous world of depraved sex and violent deceit, battling to save her immortal soul and that of her only daughter from Inferno … and you thought your life was hell

My Review and Thoughts:

Grotesque, vulgar, disturbing, asinine, brutal, gut wrenching, vomit inducing, mind Rape, fever dream, nightmare complexity, bile regurgitation, sacrilegious, 

I am totally bloated with bile imagery that bleeds my thought patterns after reading this brutally monstrous brilliance of unflinching dread, blood, and sexual immorality of the mind. How far can a writer go. Well look no further than this book. For it is the very definition of living over, well over, beyond over the edge in writing. This book is depravity at its core. There is no definition of right and wrong because this book destroys that concept. 

This is gut wrenching and bile inducing horror. Not bogeyman horror, but pain horror, sex horror, mind Rape of the senses horror.

I felt dirty. I felt nasty. I felt sick while reading this book and that is its ultimate mastery. The reader is transformed before the pages. The pages transform before you into imagery that the simple word or concepts of the word nightmare has no meaning compared to what is within this book. 

Bestiality, creature sex, incest, demon rape, murder rape, violent sexuality. An eye opening exploration of just every type of animal or creature cock imaginable sticking in orifices. This probably should have its own category for just what the he'll this book should be categorized as. 

You get to experience human hell and also the beyond hell. This book changes the nerve patterns as you read along. For this book can not humanly be digested in one setting, for one must pause and put down the book. This is not scary horror, this is vulgar, disgusting bile horror. It turns your insides out and then forcefully penetrates them back into your inner-self.

If you want disturbing, and I mean grotesque horror then this is for you. This is a masterpiece of hell come to life. This is a living, breathing layer of hell in all its moments of depiction. If you do not have a strong stomach, or mind or hell even sanity then I would not recommend this book. But if you know disgusting horror, or at least you think you know disgusting horror than look no further than this ripped from the pages of hell digest of the human body in all its sinful ways.

Would I Return to it Again: I am laughing and want to say are you F***ing kidding me, but in reality that little inner darkness, that little demon on my shoulder is giggling and shacking its head yes. For I would return to these authors and experience the devastating brutality that this book is.

Would I Recommend: Oh I am laughing all over again. I don't know anybody personally in my life that I could recommend this to. So all I will say is if you love extreme (and that word for this book needs to be redefined) horror than eat your heart out in all its gory, sexual glory.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Mind Rape Beyond Comprehension.

Shoving one of her long sharp talons deep inside his anus, coring it out as he screamed and convulsed. Blood poured from his rectum like rainwater through a gutter as her claws carved out his asshole and the orifice where his cock once dangled, now resembling a menstruating vagina, until it was little more than a ring of lacerated pink flesh like a half eaten grapefruit.