My Book Review of Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper

Inheriting Her Ghosts

Plot: ( Back of Book) Inheritance often comes with strings attached, but rarely are they as tangled as those hanging over High Hearth. When Eudora Fellowes learns she's the sole heir of her estranged great-aunt's seaside manor, she believes it will be the peaceful escape she's longed for. What awaits, however, is a dark legacy shrouded in half a century of secrets, and it doesn't take long before Eudora realizes she's not the only one to call High Hearth home.

My Review and Thoughts:

There is nothing like a good atmospheric gothic tale to move your bones and inner senses. 

S.H. Cooper crafted a solid tale that bites.

The dark nature plays deeply inside your mind. The story flows with a hauntingly, moody horror that envelopes you. A twisty tale of horror that drags you deeply into its darkened state and holds you tightly in an embrace of great storytelling.

I love gothic tales, they are rich with haunting imagery that loves to tease the nightmarish realm. S.H. Cooper knows how to weave a tale. A tight tale of images, characters, dark realities and a journey that the reader becomes apart of.

I love getting lost in a story and S.H. Cooper is an author that magically and powerfully controls that reality. She gives and displays a tale of mystery and intense gothic flair. A big house inherited, spooky feelings, sounds, objects moving and a terrorizing growing dread through out the pages unfolding in all its slow burn gothic story glory.

Just the right amount of spooks and scares to balance a story that is well written and unfolding brilliantly throughout the pages. The brilliance of the story is the unfolding of the story itself. The great mystery. What is the truth? What is behind looked doors? What secrets await to be awoken?

The story takes a hold of you and brings you into a different times period written authentically beautiful. The complete unfolding storyline comes together in so many vibrant ways. Awesome showdown and brilliant conclusion of a twisted mysterious and solid gothic horror at its finest.

Would I Return to It Again: Absolutely. I loved the great storytelling and creepy unfolding reality and could see myself returning to it again. 

Would I Recommended: Absolutely. I think ghost lovers and gothic lovers will take to this tale of mystery 

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Authentic Storytelling. Masterly crafted.