My book review: Road Narrows by Brian Bowyer

Road Narrows

Plot: (Back of Book) A famous novelist and the obsessed fan who stalks her. A traveling musician haunted by the ghosts of his family. A mentally-ill woman and the two killers who rescue her from a deranged psychiatrist’s basement. A jilted lover who murders her ex-girlfriend for sleeping with other women. When these worlds collide in the outer darkness of Los Angeles, can any of them possibly survive?

My Review and Thoughts: 

What makes a good tale. Story yes. Characters yes. Situations yes. But most all the storyteller themselves. Road Narrows is that concept. A storyteller that knows what they want in the plot and what to give the reader and also allowing the reader to take away from that plot. That is what Road Narrows does. Brian Bowyer gives you the reader a constant pleasure of mixed emotional sensory in reading this book. Your taken on a trip that at times lingers and is uncertain in what and how it wants to shape your mind. For Road Narrows has a complexity. It makes you the reader think and most of all feel deeply about the plot and it's ultimate conclusion.

I must confess this is my first time reading Bowyer's work. So I went into this not really knowing his style or execution as a storyteller. But what I came out of this with is a new writer I am glad to say is a storyteller with his form of passion, guts and most of all the wonderful realities of imagination that he completes through his understanding of what he wished to detail. Road Narrows at times is a wonderful gut punch of adrenaline.

This is a violent and intense clarity of death, murder and blood. The main killers who are characters of a savage nature and extreme in execution bleed of the pages. If you like violence and simple in plot, with that violence being the main purpose and subject of a book than Road Narrows is that little extreme gory horror that you are seeking.

I had fun with this book. It was to the point and makes a perfect example of extreme horror in all its glorious realities. It held my attention, brought me imagery of demented happenings and have me brutally honest personas of darkened characters. 

This book is bloody, gory and most of all a no holds bar of violent wonderment with interesting brutal characters of, should I say aloud, enjoyable personalities even though these people are clearly demented, but that also makes for the grin, enjoyable nature to the story.

Brain Bowyer is a fun, brutal storyteller of complex ideas of right and wrong and an interesting creation of personas in all there brutality.

Would I Return to it Again: I would the characters.

Would I Recommend: To horror fans and those who love gory reads.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Brutally simple. Vibrant Personalities.