My book review for Celeste by Marie O'Regan


Company: Silver Shamrock Publishing. Another great publication from a wonderful company of the writing world.

Plot: (Back of Book) Adoration has a high price. Celeste is ancient, beautiful, and deadly. Aided by her servant, Clive, she has lived for over 200 years, drawing her life force from the adoration of others – first in her native country of America and, when forced to flee her home there, in London. Now she has a new target for her affections in Sam. And when she invades his dreams and his life in order to seduce him and feed on his desires, she doesn’t reckon on the power of his love for his wife, Marianne, or the terrible price her obsession with him will exact. A terrifying novel from the Shirley Jackson and British Fantasy award-nominated Marie O’Regan (Mirror Mere, In Times of Want and Other Stories), this will make you think, make you shiver and make you question your own closest relationships.

My Review and Thoughts:

Celeste is an excellent read. One of those books that tingle your darker senses. It's a book that brings the emotional realities of reading to the forefront of page turning expectations of just what's going to happen next. 

Celeste is a solid read, one that lingers in the darkness. One that brings a darkness to the light of imagination through the eyes of the reader. 

Awesome wordplay. Awesome imagination. Awesome execution of story. A wonderful complex creation of characters. A solid written book that holds the reader deeply into its foundations unfolding in all its graphic detail through the horrors taking place.

Vivid, intense, imaginative. Spectacularly put together from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this book. I really loved falling deep into this imaginative writing. I loved being able to place myself in the situations taking place because of how well the writing was. 

I thought the book detailed graphically through its written wordplay. I thought the author knew what she wanted to do, what she wanted to say, what she wanted you as the reader to experience. She accomplished all that and more.

I liked this book. It's dark, it's vivid and very intense to the point that it draws you, holds you, keeps you going until the end and boy what an ending and boy what a surprise how this book played with my emotions and that really is all I ask for in a good book send me on a journey that I didn't know I needed to take, but this book allowed me to realize I needed to take that journey into Marie O'Regan's imagination.

Would I Return to Again: Marie O'Regan has an amazing imagination and its an imagination that demands to be read over and over again. I can't wait to read some of her other work.

Would I Recommend: For lovers of horror and those who love a good imaginative story absolutely.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Intense. Dramatic and Creepy.