My book review of Dreams for the Dying by Adam Light.

Dreams for the Dying

Plot: (Back of the book) Bad dreams don't always evaporate in the light of day. Some refuse to fade, forever haunting dark corners of consciousness. The dread of an approaching headlight on a deserted road . . . Swirling black clouds claiming the sky, bringing death and madness . . . The cabin of a trucker's rig, where a waitress lies bound and gagged . A cursed soul in a moonlit pumpkin patch, desperate and lonely . . . These are songs for the damned, poisons for the cure, and . . . Dreams for the Dying.

My Review and Thoughts:

One thing that people take for granted especially those lovers of reading is how hard it is to be a short story writer. To be a good short story writer, you have to take a complete story and put it in a few pages, that is what writing short stories is about. Can you make a complete story from beginning to end in the few pages that you do, well Adam Light I believe in my personal book loving opinion is a wonderful storyteller. And he has mastered that reality of a complete tale into a short story.

This book captures many tales of the macabre and of a darker nature, stories that linger deep inside your thoughts after the last sentence of its conclusion. 

I felt these stories, some were greater than others, but each one had its own personality. Each one had its own dread, it's own complex completion of imagination. I felt this short story book was one that could be praised and recommended for all those that love to read. 

It's geared toward those who enjoy a good tale, a good sense of imagination and a good unfolding conclusion. I believe Adam Light has a way with words that showcase a brilliance and a solid execution of imaginative means.

The whole book held my attention. It's very hard to hold my attention through a book that is nothing but short stories, because some always end up faltering or some always end up letting you down, but with this collection of stories I actually wanted to read the next one. I actually wanted to move forward and see where the writer was going to take me. 

Sometimes when I'm reading short stories I get lost or my mind wonders or I think well this one is not that good, so why go on and read the next one. I did not want to skip any of these stories. I wanted to read from beginning to end and I'm glad I did that because Adam Light showcases as I stated an excellent execution of wordplay and is a visionary of imagery through his ultimate prose on page.  

Adam Light has so much creativity in his bones, in his thinking process. The horrors that he spills out on pages totally bleeds the true reality of what horror is about. His stories capture the sense of creativity, the sense of telling a tale that lingers under your skin, in your senses, in your mind, in your nightmarish thoughts. 

I loved all these stories in one way or another but I have to choose my favorite is Serving Spirits.

What's amazing about this book is all these stories were written for other completions or short story collections and what Corpus Press and he has done is brought all his stories that have been written out there into one complete volume, which is a total plus to any person wanting to collect a writers short stories in one place. Dreams for the Dying is a solid read. Many of the stories have wonderful gut punching endings that will blow your mind.

In the end I was satisfied and was majorly entertained in storytelling wonderment. Highly recommend Adam Lights imagination and his dark, deep nightmares on page.

Would I Return to It Again: Most definitely. His tales have a priceless nature.

Would I Recommend: To any book lover and short story lover.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Nightmarishly driven Brilliance. Solid.