Brain Bowyer's Autumn Gothic

Autumn Gothic 

Plot: (Back of Book): In San Fransisco, Sierra falls in love with her favorite author. After learning that Vivian Kane grew up in a haunted house she persuedes Vivian to take her to the mansion in West Virginia, where they encounter a savage entity known as the Sorcerer's of Night. 

In Los Angeles, Delilah a celebrated magician kills humans as sacrifices to this ancient gods of death. When Mark her guitar player discovers her evil ways, she gives him two choices, leave California or become her next victim. He flees and then Delilah changes her mind killing people across America while pursuing him as he travels east. After she tracks him to a mansion in the mountains West Virginia, Monsters both human and inhuman collide on Halloween night.

NMy Review and Thoughts:

This is one of those books that you pretty much know what you're going to get if you are a fan of Brians, then you know his style. Brutal visceral and intense pretty much describes this book. It's brilliantly told through what he the author wants you to experience. 

I like books that know what they want to accomplish, what they want the reader to grasp, what It wants to display and all it's vivid complexities, and that is what Autumn Gothic has done. It's a book that lingers on your mind. The characters are brutally vivid. The actions and Horrors displayed leave nothing to the imagination. The blood runs off the pages as you read it, and turns it in all its twisted little glory.

Brian is very imaginative. He's very descriptive. He is able to take the reader and not only the cliche saying of putting you in the story, but in a sense Brutalizes your mind and your emotions as you read each chapter. This is one of those books that flows easily for you as the reader. It's one of those books that doesn't add any filler or any garbage to expand the book beyond the necessary, the book is to the point and it's, display of violence and lust of violence is the cream of the crop, of Brian's imaginative perfection.

With interesting and thought out dynamic characters. Brian's imaginative mind is what you need. Autumn Gothic has wonderful imagery of a brilliant sadistic nature. The book is filled with wonderful ideas, wonderful descriptive actions and executes in the end an intense horror that bleeds a reality of darkness and depravity created with a solid perfection. 

Would I Return To It: When ever Brian gives me the opportunity to read his work I am always wanting to be first in line.

Would I Recommend: To all horror lovers and those that love dark, sadistic tales with a total brutality of imagination.

Four Final Words: Brutally Brilliant. Deeply Disturbing.

My Rating: 4 out of 5