The Ghost That Ate Us by Daniel Kraus

The Ghost That Ate us

Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press

Plot: (Back of book) You remember the brutal crime, don’t you? Maybe you read about it on Twitter. Maybe a friend sent you a news clip. Maybe you saw it on an episode of Spectral Journeys that night you were flipping through channels, unable to sleep. Maybe after reading the true story, you won’t ever sleep again. On June 1, 2017, six people were killed at a Burger City franchise off I-80 near Jonny, Iowa. It was the bizarre and gruesome conclusion to nine months of alleged paranormal activity at the fast-food joint—events popularly known as “the Burger City Poltergeist.”

My Review and Thoughts:

Bizarre, unique, radically original.

One of those books that leaves you a little worn out with all it's spot on brilliant ideas and realities. Dark and twisty and intense and most definitely grim. Kraus created a world and the aftermath of that world. Fast food, blood and ghost all shines deep into your reader's mind as you take apart of this wildly original tale that not only haunts you, but gives you a delight and knowing how to create a whole world of actions and ideas and make them seem real and true. 

The idea of best fiction bleeds from Kraus mind into the pages of this book giving it a reality based, true crime style story.

This book was a total trip. A high. A somewhat best fiction perfection. Total vibes of how to create and execute and accomplish a writing bliss. I had fun with this book if you like thick fiction created like a thick true crime then this book will leave you satisfied. I love it's complex nature. I love the fictional true crime aspect. 

Kraus is a gifted story teller that enjoys and knows how to entertain his readers. This is one of those books that truly entertains you, as you turn each page to be given another plot twist of fiction that tingles your senses. This truly is a one of a kind book. The total uniqueness of it is something that lingers in your imagination.

I love when I enjoy a book thoroughly from start to finish and that is the atmosphere of this book. Well thought out and completed with the desire to make the reader say simply:

 "Wow that was awesome and very different".

Would I Return to It: I love this author and I will read many of his books over and over again. This is one of those books that might take a 2nd reading to thoroughly grasp the solidness of the story.

Would I Recommend: Without a doubt for anyone who loves something different and something that is out there.

Four Final Words: So bloody original. Bliss.

My Rating: 4 out of 5