My book review: The Treatment by Mo Hayder

The Treatment 

Author: Mo Hayder

Plot: (Back of Book) In a quiet residential area in London, a couple is discovered bound and imprisoned in their own home. Savagely battered and severely dehydrated, the worst revelation is yet to come: Their eight-year-old son has been abducted. When the boy’s body is found, forensic evidence reveals disturbing parallels to events in Det. Jack Caffery’s own past. As more evidence accumulates, Caffery struggles to maintain his professional distance. But the case is hurtling toward a terrifying conclusion that will force him to confront the demons he’s tried so hard and so long to bury . 

My Review and Thoughts:

A hauntingly brilliant gritty, dirty, criminal masterpiece. Speechless. What a thick plot. Brilliant imagination. A twisted deviant psychopath. The whole book kicks major wonderment of how to create a thick, intense and very suspenseful narrative. 

A new favorite of mine, one that shall haunt me and linger in my mind possibly the rest of my days. 

Just flawlessly written and executed. The Treatment is brutal. There is so many wonderful words I want to describe this book, but I just am still floored with its conclusion and ultimate darkness. So passionately woven together that it literally bleeds off the pages.

So sad that Mo Hayder aka Beatrice Clare Dunkel is no-longer with us. She died so young and what a talent the world of literature lost. I am so thankful that we have her books to explore and honor her memory. The Treatment is a new favorite in my top 50 books. 

Would I Return to it Again: Absolutely. There is a whole series with the protagonist. The series is phenomenal. There are 7 books total, but you can basically read them as stand alone. Highly recommend the whole series. You need a good adventure of suspenseful thrills seek out this book and this series.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I highly recommend this book and hope everyone seeks it out to experience this disturbing masterpiece of thrilling suspense.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Disturbing brilliance. Darkly fantastic.