My Book Review: Cruising by Gerald Walker


Author: Gerald Walker

Plot: (Back of the Book) The killer makes love to women. But only the feel of his knife into a man’s body can satisfy him. The rookie enters the killer’s nightworld as decoy. Becomes the killer’s prey… and then the victim of his own violent, tortured mind. Two men will stalk Manhattan’s shadowed streets, bars, parks, places where men meet men. Both hurting. Both obsessed. Lured closer and closer to each other. Across the line between cop and killer. Into the terror of homicidal compulsion.

My Review and Thoughts:

First off I absolutely adore and love the hauntingly disturbing masterpiece film directed by William Friedkin. I have always wanted to read the book it's based on and finally decided to give it ago.

Boy what a nightmarish brutal monstrosity of a book. 

Floored. Absolutely floored. Thick disturbing darkness in all its narrative. The book is totally different from the movie. Right off the bat you know who the killer is and most of the book is from his point of view. 

Think The Catcher in the Rye meets American Psycho.

The book is draining in the emotional roller-coaster department of suspenseful intense reality based horrors.

Gerald Walker wrote a perfect gem, sadly a forgotten gem. Most only remember the movie and not the book it's based on, but the book is so much more intense and brutal. The book is a stand alone and is 90 percent different from the movie.

The whole plot is different in many ways. And the ending, oh boy, what a freaking ending, that this reader never saw coming.

Be warned this book is very controversial. It is filled with homophobic and racist comments through out the book. But with that said it is a pivotal part of the plot so one must look past these concepts, for without it, the plot would not flow with ease. The homophobic and racist realities with in the plot, showcases the inner thinking of main pivotal characters.

Would I Return to it Again: Hell yeah. This book is a one of a kind force that batters the senses.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely in a heartbeat. This book needs a reprint. It needs to be read and explored in all its graphic intensity.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Pure intelligent madness.  Brilliant.