My Book Review: In Memory of Exoskeletons by Rebecca Cuthbert

In Memory of Exoskeletons

Publisher: Alien Buddha Press

Author: Rebecca Cuthbert

My Review and Thoughts:

You know I love some deep, intense and dynamic poetry. With that said, this is it. This right here is, that deep, intensity of prose and imagery through brilliant, dark and yet deeply beautiful sense's of the minds eye.

I can't speak highly enough about this collection of poetry. It's very raw. It is passionate, magical and brutally honest. I found myself stopping after many of the poems and just stared in thought and amazement at how complex and hauntingly emotional that these poems bleed. They bleed off the pages and create ideas of mental thought and nightmarish beauty.

I have been a poetry lover my whole life. I read all styles of poetry and love all styles of poetry. Poetry is a raw force that penetrates the recesses of the mind and heart, but most of all poetry becomes life. This collection of poetry is life. It moves the mind and beats the heart into loving each page turning reality.

I was truly, honestly floored and became an instant fan of Rebecca Cuthbert .She is prose. She is words. She is poetry. Poetry flows through her word play.

Seek this collection out. Give this collection a home, because it deserves to be read and experienced and expressed to others. If you love deep poetry, intense poetry, darkly laced with complex creativity poetry, than this is your one stop spot for all things word play.

Would I Recommend: That's a stupid question. This should be sought out and I truly mean that.

Would I Return to it Again: Absolutely in a heart beat. I have already highlighted, post it noted and marked many poems to return to and reread over and over, because this collection demands your attention and draws you back in. 

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Awesomely creative prose. Superb.