My Book review: Artificial Absolutes/Synthetic Illusions/Virtual Shadows: by Mary Fan

The Jane Colt Trilogy by [Fan, Mary]Artificial Absolutes/Synthetic Illusions/Virtual Shadows: by Mary Fan

Artificial Absolutes by Mary Fan

What a pure imaginative exploration of the fancy. Beautifully weaved together with tight characters and equally thrilling imagery through words. The future is described in amazing detail. The characters come across as believable and are created in a future world that bleeds on the page into the mind of the reader. I did not want to stop reading. I loved the imagery displayed in tight weaved words that created this future world, that seemed so out there, and so unique.

You the reader are given a journey inside a futuristic setting. The first part of the book explores your surroundings through flashbacks, and then the action, and trilling concepts of this world with its beauty of words, come to life for the reader to turn each page, one after the other. I did not want to stop reading, as I have stated. I loved this book. I loved the writing. The description. Magical words. The plot, from its back story to its present actions, come together to create a memorable, and solid future world of a magical setting that seems so real, so vivid, and wonderful to the reader.

Synthetic Illusions (Jane Colt) by Mary Fan

The first book Artificial Absolutes I really liked, and now the sequel is just the same. I found myself enjoying the second novel more, which is by an extraordinary, talented, and imaginative visionary, Mary Fan.

I can say with all honesty I haven't been this excited about a science-fiction fantasy style writer in a very long time. If you would've asked me who Mary Fan was a month ago, I would've told you I had no knowledge, and that is another shame in the writing world, for her writing is so brilliantly weaved into a futuristic, imaginative journey, that the reader can't help being enthralled with.

What makes this book standout just like the first one, Mary Fan can take her characters, and give them a voice. So many science-fiction and fantasy characters in books end up lost on the page, and don’t become real, that is where Mary Fan is able to craft a mastery, and a difference in her characters. Her characters come to life and grow on you.

Mary Fan is what I consider the very embodiment of what imaginative storytellers are all about. When you read Synthetic Illusions or get to know Jane and Adam and Devin. You get to feel emotional pain, and anger, frustration, drama, but most of all their ability to be alive, even with the futuristic fancy. The individuals described on the page, both Jane and Adam and Devin, are extraordinarily crafted, so that the reader can understand, feel their plight, take a part of their journey.

Deeper story, and deeper character development makes this sequel a must read. I loved the actions, persona's, and deep moments of emotional plight taking place. The book grabs a hold of your mind, body, and takes it on the imaginative trip that Mary Fan, weaves with word excellence.

Virtual Shadows: A Jane Colt Novel by Mary Fan

Wow. I didn't think this author could create another wonderful, plot driven, passionate character inducing brilliance, then what she already had done with the first 2 books. All I can say is Fan is one of those writers that you read one of her books, you want more.

The best way to describe it, it's as if you go through a bunch of books, and read them, but you always have her style on your mind. That's how, I can best describe Fan's ability. She's one of those writers that you return to and wait for the other publications that they decide to bring out. Fan is truly a gifted, imaginative creator of worlds, situations, and most of all, a science fiction excellence.

I didn't think the story could go any farther than it did in being great, but now I take that back. Book three which is the conclusion, to this three-part series is a dynamic book.

Brilliant imagery. Brilliant suspense and action. Brilliant science fiction that leaves you in a state of total satisfaction.

Love her mix of old sci-fi with a fresh modern take, and all original reality to the characters and situations taking place. Fan’s ability is to take a hold of the reader and give then a wild trip of futuristic imagery that simply bleeds reality and perfection of story. Her plot never wavers or drags. Virtual Shadows is everything a book should be.

The characters that you have fallen in love with, again transcends off the pages into your mind. Fan makes you remember them. Fan makes you apart of their plight. Fan allows you to breath, move, feel their ordeal. Fan feels you with emotions that become real. When a book or a series of books can do that, then you know as a reader that you have a writing genius.

Virtual Shadows is a book that worthy to praise. This series of books is worthy to praise.

My Rating: 4 out of 5