My Book Review: The Beloved by J.F. Gonzalez

My Review and Thoughts:

This plays out a lot different than J.F. Gonzalez's first novel Survivor that I read, which was mixed with nothing but hard core violence throughout. With this one he chooses to build the characters in their everyday lives, and struggles. The prologue as was in Survivor starts out perfect and leaves you with enough horror to read on wanting more. The gifted talent of weaving a story together, and holding the reader is something many authors sadly fail at in that they just give filler to build more pages to the novel. What Gonzalez does is weave the back story, the present soap opera drama to build, and let you understand each player so they grow on you, and when something happens to them, it feels more dramatic, and more appealing.

You have spent time with them, you have grown with them, he builds up the character and so Gonzalez has given the emotional appeal to the players, and when the horror hits the fan, it becomes more real to the reader. Gonzalez's writing, as an author, explores the deep dark recesses of the inner soul. His writing opens the deep portals of the ID and Ego, and Super Ego. He lances the festering darkness in us all, spilling out the darker side of existence.

His writing is monumental in its force, and blunt nature, leaving nothing to the imagination of the reader. In this book his talent showcases. I like reading in the dark with a book light giving it all the wonderful effect. This book is very spooky, very dark, and mysterious, and deep. I like how in this book Gonzalez gives just a little horror at certain moments building up to the main showdown. Slowly the small bits cling to the reader to continue down into the dark horror, waiting slowly to burst out from the page.

You know how Alfred Hitchcock, and Robert Bloch's Psycho did the famous shower scene, the viewer, or reader is dumb founded, and ends up going, "wow" they just changed the movie, that is the powerful shock appeal that floors the reader in this book. Gonzalez can push all the buttons to start, as you turn each page, and then boom, boom, boom, a twist and turn around every corner.

Gonzalez is a writing genius on many of his books. He is a talented artist in the world of perfect imagination. This book mixes elements of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the legend of the Succubus, and enters the realm of the Vampire. This is, filled with an over the wall originality that truly creeps out the reader. This monster is a new true monster icon. The nameless, will forever be a part of my thinking pattern. I have learned something from this book, and that's forget about online dating and hookups.

The whole book works, and Gonzalez does it again, a truly original memorable book that will linger inside my brain forever.

My Rating: 4 out of 5