My Book Review: Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

Braineater Jones by [Kozeniewski, Stephen]My Review and Thoughts:

First off, I have to say, what a truly, unique and very original concept. Yes, it’s Zombies but the other reality, the situation and the character is utterly fantastic in the imaginative reality of story book wonderment. This will be my forth time reading one of Stephen’s books, well this being the third and the other being a short story. I have to say this is easily my favorite. When I read books, I want new in-depth realities to plots. Stephen accomplishes that with Braineater Jones and so much more.

There is some great creative dark humor in this book that stands out, memorable and utterly funny. This is a crime noir with the aspects of horror. This modern Five and Dime Pulpy laced story is one that never lets up in the unique department and remains solid to the very end. I found this book simply put, amazingly told. Stephen created something the book world lacks a lot of this day and age, and that is an original concept.

He took the old, tired, I don’t want to hear about zombies again. I could care less mentality and turned it around for me. I will be very blunt, I hate Zombie books. I hate Zombie movies, I hate everything about Zombies this day and age, that is unless we are talking about the original concepts like, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of Dead, and Day of the Dead, Fulci’s Zombie or anything Fulci. The Zombie mentality has been hashed, rehashed and over done to the point they aren’t scary, and to me there utterly boring. Thankfully there are a few writers and directors of films that bleed some new original reality into the dead, (no pun intended) concept. Stephen is one of those writers that give a new voice to a tired dead reality.

A prime example of that reality is this book. Braineater Jones is a perfect original concept that gives everything a story should give. It’s a story that will remain with you and create an imaginative means of returning to this book, or highly recommending it.

A perfectly, dark comical Detective story that is surprisingly complex, and written in a way that specifically allows you to become addicted to the story.

Braineater Jones is one of the coolest characters to ever grace the written word, world.

Stephen Kozeniewski is a freaking genius storyteller, and an imaginative person. He is one I place in the category of his own in the writing world. This book is truly a one of kind in allowing his stories to become mind consuming. Braineater Jones is a fresh take on a dead storyline.

Memento (2000) meets D.O.A. (1950) while dancing with Night of the Living Dead.

Would I Return to it again: I would? I thought I would never say, that I would return to modern Zombie story, but with this one, I truly would. It’s so different, so unique, and utterly brilliant.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I would even recommend it to all those like me who are sick and tired of the same rehashed story of zombies. This book will change your mind because it’s so different. SO unique, and so great.

My Rating: 4 out of 5