My Book Review: Children of Chaos by Greg F. Gifune

Children of Chaos by [Gifune, Greg F]My Review and Thoughts:

Behold, Greg F. Gifune is the modern master of dark, disturbing horror.

I could not tell you how long it's been since I wanted to cut the lights on while ready. I looked over my shoulder many times. This is one freaking scary book.

This is a multi-layered, disturbing, shocking, haunting and downright frightening piece of modern day spook fiction. Thought-provoking. One-of-a-kind. Totally unique, totally mind numbing. This takes the reader into a trip that leaves them dumbfounded and questioning what they just read. So deep and dark and vividly creepy that it plays with the mind and causes images, that gave me, believe it or not, nightmares. To me a good story plays with the emotional makeup of the reader, and one of those emotions that I love to have played with his fear, is goosebumps. I like it when I can get, creeped out. This is a thick story of children committing an act and then covering it up and now in the present, the past comes back in vivid and haunting ways. The twisted insanity. The deep darkness. The ghost of past actions. The spooky nightmarish reality. The disturbing overtones all come full force for the reader.

At times your breathless. At times your shocked. At times you can't believe what you just read and at times you question yourself and realize that this truly is a great piece of written imagination to remember. It pushed all the boundaries of Horror, all the boundaries of what you can do in written form. It gave us that old school style scary, spooky around the camp fire ghost stories, the dark nature of evil. The human condition. The darkness. The insanity. The reaping.

The madness all comes with floods of vibrant nightmarish overtones of pure darkened bliss. I loved this book.

The back story of the characters and the modern day present reality taking place as you are told the story of the scarred man. A very thick story or as I like to call them, Meaty books meaning very in-depth in description and plot and building up of the characters of the story.

I highly recommend this book. It showcases emotions that grab the reader and twists them inside the story and the ultimate darkness and the nightmare taking place on page. Something I find interesting is how the back story, chapter, after chapter, you get a little bit more of the past, showcasing the characters, or another piece of madness to the story.

Truly remarkable and very original.

Very haunting, creepy, disturbing and psychologically unstable. It leaves a lasting impression on the reader that lingers long after you have read it. This is a book I will return to and that I will recommend and tell people about. I feel Gifune is the magic that once was horror writing. This day and age there are very few that remain vivid and unique and I have to say Gifune is one of those masters of horror and ultimate storytelling that can play with the nerves. I miss this type of writing from modern day horror writers. Very few writers stick with you anymore, but I have to say Gifune is one of those that bleeds a good horror story.

A true master at unrelenting dark fiction.

Greg F. Gifune created a surprisingly twisted and entertaining Horror thriller that graces the readers and gives off creepy and fear induced brilliance.

Now to be honest I am ashamed to say I had no knowledge of Gifune until reading an article on Halloween 2014. I am so happy that writer Chris Rice stated this was one of his top 5 scary books on Halloween and I cannot agree more. I am so glad I listened to Chris Rice's advice and picked this book up. I will not forget this book and I will not forget the horror and scary fear that it created inside me and all around me. I have become an instant fan of Greg F. Gifune's writing.

The whole book sends you into a wonderful spiral of emotions and a deep, dark story of the exploration of the human soul and the idea of good and evil. The last 40 pages of this book was breathless and absolutely disturbing. The whole book is writing at its best.

I cannot speak enough about this book. It truly created an atmosphere of fear outside the book. Descriptive horror, gore and downright frightening moments for the reader. A true powerhouse is Greg F. Gifune.

My Rating: 5 out of 5