My Book Review: Error in Diagnosis by Mason Lucas M. D.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a great medical mystery thriller that held my attention and never wavered in the mysterious reality of the subject. Never a boring moment, always a constant character builder and situation displayed that allowed a great read.

I felt that this book maintained a steady ordeal every single chapter in the unfolding reality. The chapters are short, which I love because you can read one, when you only have 5 to 10 minutes to spare. Loved the character development throughout the whole book. Every chapter you would learn something new about the characters.

Lovers of Robin Cook’s medical mystery's and Michael Crichton's imagination I think will take to this book.

Across America pregnant women are confused. Soon they collapse. There legs twitch. Their eyes run back and forth, soon they are in a coma. Why is certain pregnant woman affected and not all? Why is only America hit with this medical mystery? Soon the deaths pile up. More and more women across the country are affected. A national crisis. One Doctor named Sinclair who has a god complex, and thinks he is more important than anyone else, believes he has the answer. Soon Dr. Jack Wyatt, a leading doctor is called in to help. Jack your main character is on a cat and mouse game with a mysterious medical killer. Jack must find out what is causing this strange ordeal before Sinclair is given the approval to treat the women with a medication that has its major side effects, that could lead to long term suffering and even death.

Author Mason Lucas created a great medical thriller that thoroughly entertained me. I really loved his character development throughout the story, and the overall doom of this medical mystery. The race to find the cure gave off a real vibe as you read along. Lucas has away with grabbing you and placing you there in the Hospital next to the patients. He allows you to like Jack. Jack becomes your friend, your personal Doctor as the story unfolds. I for one would love a doctor like Jack to help me, and that is how strong the character development is. Lucas Mason M.D. is a pen name. The real name of the author is Gary Birkin, and in real life, he is a real life Doctor. A pediatric surgeon. This is his first novel under the pen name Lucas Mason M.D. He has written five other novels under his real name, Gary Birken.

One thing I hope that happens under his Pen name of Lucas Mason M.D. is to return to the characters in Error in Diagnosis. I really like the character of Jack. I think he would be a solid character for a series of novels.

Again, I must mention this is a solid medical mystery with a total learning fascination throughout the research, and medical talk mentioned in the book. What I really love is that Lucas Mason does not over do the medical mumbo jumbo. Sometimes a problem, a lot of doctor writers, or science writers do, is confuse the hell out of the readers with too much confusing information. Thankfully this book does not do that, and that is another reason I highly recommend this book.

My Rating: 4 out of 5