My Book Review: The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke

The Turtle Boy (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 1) by [Burke, Kealan Patrick]My Review and Thoughts

This is my second time reading this book and I enjoyed it the same as the first time. It’s a wonderful read of imagination and the creepy reality of fear inducing horror.

This is a trippy, spooky and adds a brilliant creepy factor to its story that comes together like images off the page. This is the type of book, you read in the dark with a book light. I think what I like so much about it, is it adds just enough creep out and spooky tones, that leaves the reader wanting to further the story and turn page after page until it’s done. 

The characters are so flawlessly written that you can’t help but want to know everything about them, they truly become a part of you through the wonderful written reality that Kealan Patrick Burke does. Burke is a master at words that build a scenario and an image off the page for the reader, meaning he places the one reading in the reality happening. 

A master at building images through written word that truly lingers on the readers mind and ultimately plays with the imagination of the reader. He can give all the creep outs and the thick written characterization of all the players in the book. I love when I read a book that you get to know and experience the characters and the surroundings that they are seeing. I enjoy when a writer explores everything on page and that is what Burke does in a flawless descriptive way that lingers in the readers mind.

An amazing story. Very vivid in description of the surroundings, atmosphere and both young characters Timmy and Pete come to life. This is part of the Timmy Quinn book series, which this being part one. It plays out like childhood, as both go about their adventures to stumble upon a new kid down by the pond that would change everything.

Mixed with mystery and the under currents of horror.

Wonderful word play. The words are like definitions as you read. The images flood the readers mind and because each sentence, each word, leaves nothing to doubt in guessing what’s happening and gives you all the images, objects, descriptions of looks, full force. The wonderful word play that works so well with this story lingers with you.

You become the story or at least another child or a friend of Timmy's. The writing places you there right next to him exploring. Flawless written characters. The book is wonderful, creepy and goosebump inducing at times, the mystery is thick, and the readers ponder just what is happening at the pond.

I can't really say enough about this book because it really works in so many ways. I enjoyed the whole concept. The plot, the actions, the back-story, the ending and the mystery around it. The story is really creepy in a reality based sense of certain person’s actions leading to horrible truths.

The story captures the dread or the not knowing what is happening type of reality. The spark of imagination runs on each page building a story the reader does not want to end. As the mystery slowly unfolds, the dark truth and the nature of the horror that has happened unfolds; you become a part of it.

An interesting story that plays out perfect and twists into a shocking showdown and ultimate climax. Ghosts, murder, secrets, the sixth sense all run together in this surprising amazing read of paranormal horror.

I feel this is a must read, must own little gem of spooky moments playing out in wonderful imaginative ways.

The book is a quick read and a perfect flawless little book that sparks the readers interest from page one and until the end, but that's the beauty of this tale, it doesn't end because more stories await young Timmy in The Timmy Quinn Book series which can also be bought and read. But if you only read this one, it's fine because it works as a standalone and ends with a classic style twist.

Loved it.

My Rating: 4 out of 5