My Book Review: Fear Dreams by J.A. Schneider

FEAR DREAMS: A chilling psychological thriller with a killer twist (Detective Kerri Blasco Book 1) by [Schneider, J.A.]My Review and Thoughts:

To be honest I had no knowledge of this author until seeing her on Twitter, so there you go, social media does work. I went into this with an open mind. I always love finding new authors that I have not read before.

This is a solid story. Structured with great characters. The situations are written in away one can understand and in honesty feel. The reality taking place works because the reader is given imagery through the words written. So many writers superficially this day and age with the movement of E-books and self-publishing, don’t take pointers from older well developed writers in how to create the atmosphere inside the book for the reader. Thankfully Joyce Schneider is not one of those that fall flat in this reality. She writes and pin points moments and actions and surroundings inside the book that come to life and seem to be transcending off the page as if you the reader is watching the story unfold. To me that makes great writing.

Fear Dreams is a deep, unique, psychological novel that brings all the thrills one needs to fully be pleased and entertained.

I really love the character of Kerri Blasco. She is well thought out. Her character is relatable to the reader, or the reader knows someone like her in real life.

The plot goes like this: A woman named Liddy Barron is run down with a car in a hit and run. Now through this ordeal, she starts to have these unrelenting nightmares that fully control everything about her. Now she also is fully enthralled and obsessed with a missing person named Sasha. Liddy is somewhat haunted by this girl. The nightmarish visions and her lack of memory, due to the hit and run, control her. Now enter your main protagonist Detective Blasco who also happens to be looking into the missing woman. So, begins the basis of the story.

I think the spirit of Agatha Christie runs through the mind and hands of Joyce Schneider.

This book has all the right chills and thrills one needs and should expect in a book. A thrilling ride that never lets up, and creates moments that make the reader simply go, “Wow”.

I read this quickly, and that is the way this book works. It’s a true quick read, that has stunning suspenseful moments. There are great twists and turns. I can’t go into detail, I don’t want to give too much away, but one will absolutely love the way the book flows and comes together. Even if for some strange reason a reader does not like this book, they can’t deny that author Joyce Schneider knows how to make a story come together, and flow with an ease, and make unexpected moments smack you in the face.

I think what I like most is all the happens inside the story. There are so many situations and actions taking place there is never really a dull moment. It does not linger. It moves fast and that is another huge plus to the book. It does not stretch out to the point it’s boring or having the reader losing interest. The book maintains the reader in solid control. Your locked, your eyes scanning word after word as your mind fills with imagery that thrills, twists, shocks and ultimately concludes with satisfaction.

Would I Return: I am moving forward in this series. There is a part 2 that I am looking forward to. This is, I personally feel, is going to be a great character, and to fully explore this new Detective, on her many cases is going to be a wonderful ride.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. Any lover of Detective stories. Crime fiction. Great mysteries and suspense thrillers then this is for you.

Book Length: 240 pages

Year Published: 2016

Four Final Words: Vivid. Intense. Brilliantly Executed.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5