My Book Review: London Falling by Emma Carr

London Falling (The Rulefords book 1) by [Carr, Emma]My Review and Thoughts:

This is a sweet, fun, comical, romantic story that plays out perfect and entertains the heart strings. The characters are humorous, rude, sarcastic and loving. A great example of a simple and down to earth story that every reader can relate to. The players in the story grow on you and become apart as if you are there or as if you are the main characters.

The writing is splendid with ease to the imagination. The whole ordeal is fun and giddy at times you laugh, and you feel warmth and you even feel sadness. I love the way the whole story unfolds. Aimee is a woman that's strong, independent and knows what she wants and goes about it. Her struggles and actions and emotions all work for the reader. The whole book is a quick read of humor, stubbornness, smirks of joy and that classic lovers I love to feel.

The main players Aimee and Simon work perfect. The chemistry is flawless as the relationship grows from stranger to humorous enemies to sparks of heat growing to hints of coming passion. A simple fun read of everyday situations leading to bigger problems coming to complete with satisfaction.

Another star of the book is Cupcake the puppy which loves unconditional and which the reader falls in love with. The puppy brings out the cute and adorable reality that fits perfect with this fun story.

The story itself is cute and adorable at times. The growing passion is slow but trickles to a boiling. Simon is a strong, handsome, fit, stubborn rich man. Aimee is a natural mix of beauty of everyday woman and nature. A beauty of reality and down to earth beauty that is not fake or created or made by objects or operations, which makes Simon see her all the clearer, more beautiful.

They are fit for each other because there both a like. Stubborn in their ways and strong minded. Both bump heads over and over and yet each one is eyeing the other in passionate ways.

This is a great story, great cast of characters, great written emotions to grab the reader. A fun read with the romantic and comedy side coming out full force for the reader.

My Rating: 3 out of 5