My Book Review: Sanctus: by Simon Toyne

Sanctus: A Novel (Sancti Trilogy Book 1) by [Toyne, Simon]My Review and Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. It has gotten a lot of positive reviews and some negative reviews and I personally can see the argument for both. If you’re a fan of thick story and the idea of a religious conspiracy, then it flows in that historical imagination. Fans who enjoy Dan Brown will take to this, but that is also some of the negative in the reviews of the book. Many have stated it was copying the reality of The Da Vinci Code, but I don't see that in any form or fashion because it’s totally different from this reality. This deals with the supernatural and the secret order inside the church playing with the concepts of life and death and the true secret of (Whoops can't give it away). This is a perfect read for lovers of tight, cliffhanger like action. It fleshes itself out in being able to hold the reader in that all these characters come together to tell the conclusion of the story. Which might I add there are more books in this interesting series? The other books as of this writing are Book 2 The Key and book 3 The Tower. Thankfully if one only wants to read the first one then it does end its basic plot. I was afraid it was going to leave me hanging but thankfully it ended on the one subject. Now if you want to explore further then that is where the other two books come into play. I think Sanctus was an exciting page turner of conspiracy and cover-up and the idea of God and man's belief turning itself around to explore all the dark reality. All this dark reality can come from religious rhetoric and the ultimate will to find some sort of understanding. The ultimate answer to the mystery of what the truth is all about awaits you in this imaginative book.

After adventuring into this close to 600 page book I was worried that it was going to let me down as through each chapter they built up the mystery of just what the secret was. I was afraid it was going to be something that did not live up to the continuing mystery of close to six hundred pages. When the secret is revealed, and the truth comes out I was floored, shocked and just dumbfounded at how the story came together. Loved it and felt the ultimate mystery, thrilling action and edge of your seat cliffhanging, was a perfect trip into writing imaginative, wonderful, over the top story telling that shined for me. I was never expecting the end. It was solidly original and weird, but oh so perfect. I loved all the characters and I enjoyed the deep, thick, twisted storyline of darkness. Each of the characters are written perfectly. The situations are fleshed out on page to grab the reader as the story becomes a twisted ordeal of hidden ancient secrets, hidden from the world. Those who are massively religious might take offense to this story but to me that’s also the charm of it. It’s something that builds its own beliefs and creates a mysterious, dark and spiraled reality of good and evil and everything we thought we knew. I love books that twist logic and create, a, un-reality to the ultimate truth that we think we know. I loved this whole book. I was satisfied with every bit of it. I can’t wait to further explore the storyline in the other two books. Simon Toyne is a brilliant storyteller of imaginative relentless intrigue and action that gives you a sense of placing you in the story and creating perfect entertainment.

Would I return to it again, sure? In the future if I ever want a quick mysterious read. It's a thick book clocking in at almost 600 pages but it flows so easy and written in a down to earth way that anyone can scan this book quickly. I think I would adventure into again in the future and return to this action, cliffhanger and very thrilling imagination of hidden secrets and ultimate lies. 

Would I recommend it ABSOLUTELY? Lovers of Dan Brown and thick Biblical and historical type settings will love this book but most of all Simon Toyne is a voice of cliffhanging originality that leaves a true lasting mark upon the reader, or at least this reader. This was a Weird, Thrilling, Interesting, Mysterious journey of the concept of good and evil and the reality of man's ultimate evil to conceal and control. I loved it, I felt it worked. I see it as a truly frightening tale that plays on your mind long after you finished the book.

My Rating: 4 out of 5