My Book Review: Carrie

My Review and Thoughts: 

The birth of the Master of Horror. The very first, one of kind book Carrie published in 1974. The shocking aspect is this was King's fourth novel. It was for a magazine Cavalier and amazingly the first three pages of this book ended up in the garbage thankfully his wife took them out and told him he should finish the story. And so, the birth of Carrie and the birth of a published master started.

This was the third Stephen King book I read when I first started getting into his writing. The first being IT and the second being Night Shift. I first read Carrie in 1989 and decided to give it another go because of the new cover released by Anchor Books and felt it needed to be reviewed and I wanted to adventure again into classic King at his best.

I can't say enough about this book because I was a mistreated child and bullied in school, beat, made fun of and basically destroyed in many ways and so I looked at Carrie as a somewhat fantasy and savior due to the fact Carrie fights back and I wished during those horrible school times to be able to have those powers and fight back against those who enjoyed destroying me. The whole book is a powerful written story of horrifying chills that grabs the reader and shakes them violently into the story placing you there in all the wonderful amazing masterpiece word play that is throughout.

A perfect haunting masterpiece of eerie atmospheres, characters and a deep thick storyline that plays inside the readers head. Pure imagination runs wild in this book, King's powerful imagination flows upon the page and out upon the reader.

If you think you know Carrie because you have watched the movie or the mini-series, then you don't know Carrie and you are not a true Stephen King fan or horror fiction fan unless you have read this book. The book has a lot more story, back story and the aftermath. The book is a flawless example of what to do to create a perfect flowing book. Carrie reeks with images and emotions that the reader becomes a part of in many priceless ways.

This is a book that stands the test of time and is as good in the 70's as much as it is today. The characters are flawless. Momma is one of the greatest fictional lunatics to ever grace the written page and is a character that haunts you and sticks with you as a truly insane person and pure evil in herself and her ways. Her parts are so well written you get thick emotions such as anger and hate toward her as you read showing the talent of the master craftsmanship of the writing skill put into this book.

Like I say no true horror fan or Stephen King fan can get away with saying yeah, they know Carrie because of the movie, that's an insult to the power of this book and to the world of written fiction, taking a movie in the place of the original concept. The movie yes is good but strays on my things, from Carrie's childhood to her true self, the movie changes her image all together, and she looks nothing like what the movie betrays.

This is a power book that after reading it again after 21 years it still works in all its original ways. A flawless book of characters, situations and horror. A pure tour-de-force of written quality that only a master storyteller can create.

Like I say if you think you know Carrie because of the movie, you’re all wrong. The movie is great, and the acting is flawless, but the book and movie are really two different entities in their own ways. The book has the back story, the different prom ordeal, the showdown between Momma and Carrie is different, Carrie not only takes out the prom kids she takes out the whole town in one climatic showdown that must be read to understand even the ending of the book is different and might I add a flawless classic ending. This is a flawless book, a masterpiece of written word. A true powerful example of how to write a lasting book that still holds up today as it did then.

A must read, must own.

My Rating: 5 out of 5