My Book Review: Stephen King's Revival

My Review and Thoughts:

To me this was a tight story of wickedness and a brilliant narrative of good, evil, life and beyond. I grew up reading King and I have read and listened to everything he has ever done. I am a diehard fan that reads everything about him, no I am not Annie Wilkes. I just see something so unique and personal about his stories. They can be so dramatic or truly nightmarish. I think the last book I absolutely fell in love was The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I have to say Revival is a true treat to the reader of written wonder. I loved this story and ultimately the characters are pure brilliance and come to life off the page and into the readers mind. The story is unique and reminds me of old school King at his finest. I really felt that this book does grab and hold and lets the reader experience what Stephen King is all about and that's creating a story that leaves a lasting impression and digs itself deep into the mind of the reader and never lets them go.

I possibly have to say this is one his best. This is one of his best in a long time and goes up there with IT and Needful Things and Misery as creating thought provoking characters and mapping them out on page after page of imagination and forming these people into life. Revival does what great writing is about, creating memorable characters and a memorable story that you can become a part of.

I think what makes this story so strong is the character of the one telling the story. Jamie Morton lays out is life, ordeals and everything that he remembers. I enjoyed the flow of how his life is written in that it jumps around to finish telling the story and lays out everything about this young man and how meeting one man, Charles Jacob, forever remained with him. Jamie is a character that truly grows on you and you feel as if you’re his brother or at times the story is so personal you become Jamie. That is what is so strong about this book; is the writing format that king uses for this story. It seems real. It flows as if it’s happening or as if you’re remembering it happen. I enjoyed this book because it's like you would sit in an audience and a story teller was telling you the story. It seems as if you’re there listening as one is displaying the drama, humor and the aspects of this young man's life, all the while growing before you in written form.

King has such written prose that shines.

King is an ultimate storyteller. A man with many lives that display his imagination on page and I feel this one, this story comes off as a true testament to his mastery in crafting a memorable tale.

I have not liked a character like Jamie in a while. I always become a part of the stories I read and always tend to personalize the characters in my mind when I read, and King lovingly does that with Jamie. I feel this character is one of Kings Greats. Jamie and Charles Jacobs go up there with Carrie White, Leland Gaunt, George Stark, Trisha McFarland in becoming someone very memorable because of the narration of the lives and events that took place. Equally is the character Charles Jacobs who is the back drop of Jamie's young life and his thinking pattern.

One of the ultimate pluses to this story is the character development. You see, Jamie and his family and friends. You get to know them. King has always had away with creating characters that come to life and most of all seem so real and vivid that you can't help but feel for them in many emotions. From love, hate, to being fascinated with them. Jamie Morton and Charles Jacob's are two characters I will never forget. King brought them to life and gave them the formation of being and the breath to live off page into the mind. I think another ultimate plus to this story is that it's written as if you or I would tell a story. Piecing together moments of our life which all lead to one reality, the things we remember most are the things that affect and alter our lives. For Jamie Morton its Charles Jacobs.

The whole book is brilliant but the last 30 pages when everything comes together and is finally revealed, and the secrets are out, it becomes truly a nightmarish and disturbing reality as Jamie experiences the darkness that has slowly been eating away at his young and old mind. Vivid depiction of pure imaginative darkness that bleeds the beauty and stains with the nightmares that is resemblance of old school H.P. Lovecraft but is all Stephen King in his nightmarish form of causing pure evil on page.

A storyteller’s mastery.

A book I absolutely love. Deep, imaginative darkness and an exploration of life and death and the ultimate unanswered question of what awaits us as we depart from this mortal coil of existence.

My Rating: 5 out of 5