My Book Review: Peter Woodcock: Canada's Youngest Serial Killer

Peter Woodcock: Canada’s Youngest Serial Killer

Author: Mark Bourrie

My Review and Thoughts:

"There was this ten-year-old girl. I did have plans to cut her up to see what she looked like inside." ---Peter Woodcock

First and foremost, this is about one of the worst and vilest criminals in the history of crime, and most have never even heard of his name before. He is not a household name, meaning his name is very rarely ever mentioned with the subject of Serial killing, or when the subject of criminal nature comes up, and it's shocking, because he is one of the most brutal personas in history.

A rapist and murderer of children. No one really knows how many he raped, could be in the multi-hundreds, we do know he murdered three children, and he was convicted of murdering 3 children. He spent his remaining life in a psychiatric unit, but it was his crime that forever stained the reality of Canada, the murder of three innocent children, and the crime that Canada seemed to allow to happen. Many years later when they decided to give him good behavior leave, from the hospital, he would again commit a crime forever classifying his murderous insanity.

He was a matter of fact brutal persona, a sexual deviant. A gainer of violence and pain. He brutality is something that is still talked about and not forgotten, but one would think after his conviction at 18 years old, the story would be over, but the future of this Criminal would be a stark reminder of just how brutal and horrible and disgustingly disturbing this human being is.

The book is written in the matter of fact way, it plays and reads like a textbook almost; that is one of its downfalls in my viewpoint. The story is vivid and gives you all the information, and the written dialogue from the criminal himself, and the newspaper articles. The book is written in a down-to-earth way. I almost want to say childish at times. I don't mean that to sound cruel, but that's the way it's written. It's almost written a little to school assignment type of paper. I wanted more. I wanted the book to come together more like a story, where it was just factual, nothing more, nothing less. All it did was lay down all the information, and that was it. It was almost like reading court room transcripts or a college paper written for a psychology class.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is good for those wanting to know the serial killer through all the information. I was thoroughly entertained and sickened at the horrors this young man did. It shocks me and amazes me that this teenager, and even when he was a kid, enjoyed molesting children as if it was no big deal. He molested and rapped kids like it was collecting baseball cards.

The book does display the brutal and graphic crime scene photos.

Would I Return to it Again: No, once was enough? The book as I have said displays itself simple, and to the point. There is no story to draw one in. It displays itself like a text book or court document.

Would I Recommend: Yes. For those who are interested in serial killers and the criminal nature of children that kill, then this is a must read. Truly a brutal case of violence. A case that is not well known but should be. This is a must read true crime for its criminal historical reality.

Book Length: 138

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Four Words: Informative. Simplistic. Brutal. Shocking.