My Book Review: Survivor by J. F. Gonzalez

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a dark horror. It is a deep twisted in your face, step over the boundaries type of horror book. To best describe this book is like entering hell. J.F. Gonzalez can capture, and bring fourth, truly a deep, disturbing, and twisted story. This book lingers on your thoughts long after it's over. My spine tingled so much, and that hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. The pure horror, and hardcore violence of this book is something that really can't be explained unless you have read it.

I can truly, honestly say, I was sickly disturbed, and it takes a lot to disturb me. This is a deep book of graphic storytelling that the reader is placed there to experience. The horrible horror taking place is graphic. The story, and characters are well developed, making it more frightened to read. The reader right off must grasp and understand what is happening; and the details are flawless.

This book comes full force page after page of horror. The graphic violence never lets up. The prologue itself holds nothing back, and gives it to you in disturbing, descriptive intentions. It lets you know what is a head in this demented written story. Lisa's plight of torment, and horror are spilled out in words on the page that leave the reader dumbfounded, in blunt, and shocking reality. The torture, and destruction of the human will, body, and sanity, are so well written that you believe this is happening. The writing by far is the most shocking ordeal of this book, and very few authors have ever dared to adventure this far on page.

The blunt images carved into your mind as you read, are truly shocking. The descriptions on page are so graphic that it can be disgusting at times to the point you question just what you are reading. Alex, Tim, and Animal are some of the worst people, villain, and human monsters to ever grace the book world. Each one possesses a terror. Animal is a vile worthless human and is hard to speak about unless you have read his character. He is like a human ghoul without a soul.

The process of the book is a hard book to read. This is not for the faint at heart, and I say that with 100 percent clarity. The graphic horror induced reality got under my skin to the point I felt dirty, I felt like I had been raped, and needed a bath to get the horror actions off me. I really enjoy when an author can push the buttons to upset the reader to cause emotions, simply by reading a book. Gonzalez's screwed up my mind in vivid ways, he screwed up my mind with the world of horror and depravity.

What you read in this book plays with the readers mind. It creates a force. So many authors, or movies this day and age want to describe why a person does what they do, they want to add that boo who story of childhood abuse to try and create sympathy for the killer, but not Gonzalez. He does it the way it should be, human monsters simply exist. The nature of torture, and death in this book is often too much to read, and you find yourself needing to pace the book, or give yourself a rest at what just happened.

The story is deep, and dark, and amazing. Horror, tension, mystery, and suspense grabs you, and never lets you go. It fears me to say I like this book, because people are going to think I am a sadist, pervert, but I feel this book is a modern day horror classic that knows what it wanted to say and gave the 100 percent that so many iconic horror legends in the writing world has given. J.F. Gonzalez scares the living hell out of me.

The story telling, the writing, and imagination all come together to create a true winner of horror excellence. I cannot shake this book, it has dug itself deep into my mind, and has become a true favorite.

My Rating: 5 out of 5