My Book Review: Choices and Forgiven by Sheila Bliss

Choices by [Bliss, Sheila]My Review and Thoughts:

I was sent this book by the author. She requested an honest review, not knowing if it would be bad or good. Here is my review:

I am a sucker for a good story laced with a massive dose of drama and sensual romance, and that is what this story does. It is a story weaved together in a dramatic reality that is believable, and most of all, it leaves you with an emotional ordeal. This is a book that transcends off the pages. The words become your thinking, and your ability to enter the story, as if it is happening before you. That glory goes to the strong writing, and expertly imagination of Sheila Bliss. This book is equals parts, sexy and dramatic. It’s a story that Sheila gave a voice to, but most of all, created the emotional understanding of the characters and their choices.

This is written in a first person reality. A setting that lets you become the character, or at least feel like you’re there listening to her tell the story. There is a lot of dialogue in the book. I have never been a huge fan of massive dialogue in books, but I found this book was geared to listening, and understanding the conversations. It was like the book was created for this understanding, and that is why it works. I loved the conversations between the characters.

There is a thick and wonderful sensual reality to this story. The love affair comes across spicy, and heat inducing as it grows, page after page. A mother lost, a young man, who she is half his age, sparks, heat, and the giddy reality of lust, passion, wanting and needing the deep understanding of completion, as two souls becoming one.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Forgiveness: Sequel in the Choices series by [Bliss, Sheila]
My Review and Thoughts:

I became an instant fan of Sheila Bliss after reading the first book in this series. The first titled Choice’s. This is the second book into this, deep, and sensual story of emotions, both physical and mental. The characters are fleshed out through actions and personal moments through dialogue and touch. I feel that Forgiveness is a tighter story, a more developed structure and the reader feel’s at ease with the plot.

Bliss’ style of writing, as I have mentioned before is a breathable, livable understanding of the plight taking place. Her characters are not superficial or dull, or absent any logic. Her characters are everyday personas that you can relate to, or feel as if you know them, or are them.

I think there are so many writers today that rehash the same subject over and over, using the tired old clich├ęs, and characters that are lost. Bliss can give it a new beating heart. Her characters breathe life off the pages and are not just words on a turning page. Bliss is a wonderful story teller, and Forgiveness shows that. Like Choice’s, Forgiveness is memorable and was a true treat to read. Loved the atmosphere and the situations, vividly detailed with imaginative exploration of emotions, personal feelings, and intimate sensual desires.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5