My Book Review: Miss Fortune by Albina Hume

Miss Fortune by [Hume, Albina]My Review and Thoughts:

Truly a touching and moving, emotional story. 

A wonderful example of writing a memorable, memoir. This is a book that I never wanted to put down. It left a truly lasting impression on me. I don’t read many memoirs. So, when I got the chance to review this one, it was a new experience. 

I have read memoirs, but most of my reading is fiction and so this was a different style. I have to say I really loved this book. The author Albina Hume did a fantastic job in writing her story, about her life and the struggle, hardships she has endured. 

She was born in the Ukraine, grew up and married a South African property developer and Rhino Breeder. This book details her life and childhood and the differences she faced. One of the sentences that describe the book showcases just what the story is all about: “Who would think that my inability to pronounce the letter R, would turn my life upside down and lead me from Ukraine to South Africa.”

A very touching and moving story that weaves her childhood and adulthood into a thought provoking story that you find yourself turning page after page to finish. 

I could not help but want to know what happened next in her life. From the horrors of jail, bad relationships, and the destruction of dreams, all come off the page as you read her plight. 

What I find amazing about this book is the beauty and wonderment of what Albina, and her husband do. They breed and protect African Rhino’s. There activist trying to stop illegal trade and killing of Rhino’s which for that alone she gets my accolades.

A must read book in my view point. A wonderful trip into someones life and all the adventures, torment and struggles that come with it.

My Rating: 4 out of 5