My Book Review: Every Dead Thing by John Connolly

Every Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker Thriller by [Connolly, John]My Review and Thoughts:

This is probably one of the best murder mysteries, suspense books that I have read in a long time. I consume fiction like drinking water, and most of the books are good reads, but there are a few that utterly blow me away, and Every Dead Thing is one of those that left me in a whole new world of excitement. 

This is what I call a meaty book. A thick story of excellence in the disturbing brutality of personal actions. John Connolly leaves nothing to the imagination. He sends the reader on a trip of violent tendencies that never let up.

I was ultimately floored with the story. This book is in honesty two books in one, two different subjects that meld into, two conclusions that leave you breathing heavy, from so much action, and edge of your seat brilliance. 

All the characters are flawless. I loved ex-detective turned somewhat Private Investigator, Charlie Bird Parker. Bird is one of the coolest characters that I have read. His attitude and persona control this book, and narrative of his cases. 

From Serial Killers, to more Serial Killers. Bird is pulled into a search, and to find a missing woman. Bird ends up entering a twisted and turning roller coaster of one depravity after another. 

Missing persons, and dead children lead Bird down a path neck deep in blood and bodies. His personal life is not any better. He is searching for answers to the past. His past is clouded with murder, a personal understanding of the horrors.

First part of the book is his investigation of missing people, and ultimate conclusion of the truth. The next part of the book leads you to his personal struggle with the horror’s done upon him and loved ones. 

The stories never let up, they flow with a descriptive, and brutal narrative of one action of death after another. A tight weaved story of brutal actions, and truths that lead you, the reader into a darkness that is thick, emotional and utterly draining.

My Rating: 5 out of 5