My Book Review: The Faceless One by Mark Onspaugh

The Faceless One (The Raven and the Canary) by [Onspaugh, Mark]My Review and Thoughts:

I found this to be an interesting book and an often creepy story. At first, I really could not get into the book, but finally as I read, I was able to attach myself to the characters of the story. There is a lot of point of views by different characters and a lot of story that is confusing at times but ultimately comes together.

What I find amazing is this is the first novel by this author, and he did an amazing job for that reality. I was satisfied with the story, was creepy at times. This book gave a new, yet old-school feel to this tale of mayhem and darkness.

I think the strongest point to this book was the characters themselves. Loved the mythological reality, the Native American culture, the modernization that sadly loses the legends of the past.

A tight weaved story of nightmares, darkness, and most of all the wonderful aspects of horror. Mark Onspaugh is a gifted brilliant storyteller that can transcend the darkness of ancient horror on page, bleeding it into the modern reality.

I loved his character development, loved his persona of emotions in this nightmare story. I think that is one of the strongest points is your characters, you get to know, you get to feel, and you get to like them as the ordeal takes place that is creepy, and that at times gives you goosebumps.

Fans of horror will love this story. For those who like an imaginative reality in their stories, then this book is for you.

Would I Return to it Again: I think once was enough?

Would I Recommend: Yes, to those who like classic style horror.

Book Length: 410

Year Published: 2013

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Four Words: Dark, Spooky, Descriptive, Imaginative.