My Book Review: The Dying Hour by Rick Mofina

The Dying Hour (Jason Wade mystery series) by [Mofina, Rick]My Review and Thoughts:

This is a nice, deep, and twisted tale of a serial killer, innocent victims, and a rookie journalist seeking out his way to obtain a job position in the dog-eat-dog world of news reporting. Mofina has captured a perfect tale of mystery, suspense and a show down that has all trademarks of a fine, True Crime style book. The writing is solid. The descriptive nature places the reader inside the plot taking place. You end up smack in the middle of the violence, and the dread transpiring.

Loved the characters. Your main star, Jason Wade is an average everyday person that you can relate to. He is trying his hardest to make it in the world and follow his dream. Jason Wade is written in a down to earth way that makes one, want to turn the page to see what happens next.

Jason becomes a part of you, and you start to become Jason Wade through his ups and his downs. Also, the character of Karen Harding comes off the page, and plays the perfect victim, through an emotional descriptive reality written by Mofina. The descriptive nature of the story is what shines in so many memorable moments, as the story concludes.

I think Jason Wade is a perfect character. I think Mofina's writing is a solid expertise in creating a believable ordeal. His focus on character, and situation is what ultimately wins.

The plot is, Karen Harding decides to get away, and she tells no one that she is leaving to visit her sister in Canada. They find her abandoned care on the side of the road. Meanwhile Jason Wade an intern at the newspaper is on Cop Scanner duty listening to any important stories to run with. He hears about the abandoned car, and soon the missing person’s report. So, begins the story of just what has happened to Karen. What they don't realize is what you the reader already know, she has been kidnapped, by a deranged man. Soon bodies are mutilated, displayed, and the cat and mouse game of an unraveling crime unfolds as Jason Wade digs deep, and thick into the truth of what is taking place. He has a hunch, a truth seeking about him, but all around every corner there is an obstacle before him. Jason fights for the truth, and never lets up even when everyone goes against him on his truth seeking mission, playing the hero, and the constant, important, and unrelenting reporter.

Suspenseful, intriguing. Well thought out. Great characters. An unfolding mystery, page after page. A great read that held my attention to the very end, and never left me bored or not wanting to read. I wanted to know the end, the outcome, and the adventure, and growth of Jason Wade.

Would I Return to this Again: I would read all this series? A great book of mystery and great character creations. Mofina is an excellent writer that can transcend off the page his characters and stories. He can build the suspense, mystery, and allows the reader to be ultimately satisfied in the result. Simply put, Mofina is a writing genius.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. This is a great series. Awesome characters. Tight story. Perfectly executed. What is so great about this book, yes, its part 1, but it is a standalone, you don't have to return to the series if you don't want, this book concludes, but I don't see way you wouldn't want to return, because Jason Wade is an awesome character and needs to be read.

Four Words: Awesome. Vivid Storytelling. Mysterious.

My Rating: 4 out of 5