My Book Review: Haunted (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit) by Kay Hooper

Haunted (A Bishop/SCU Novel Book 15) by [Hooper, Kay]My Review and Thoughts:

Haunted is the third chapter of the Haven Trilogy. This began with Haven in 2012. Its second chapter was Hostage in 2013. And the final chapter is this one I am reviewing. Many of the returning characters in Hooper’s Special Crimes Unit are in this one. This is a continuing story of interesting personalities with extraordinary gifts. From mediums, psychics, Empaths, and so much more, bring this thrilling book to life.

If you have read the series, then this will be a great read yet again. Hooper has a very imaginative and descriptive nature. Her talent of telling a good story is evident through this book. I am a huge fan of this series of books and this is yet another continuation of this group of mediums, psychics and supernatural means. So far, the series or at least continuing characters as of this writing has been in a total of 18 books. There are sections of this series such as the Haven Trilogy which I am reviewing book three of it.

If you have not read any of this series I would recommend that you start at the start, and not with this one. Although I don’t think it would confuse too much when reading, but I think one would understand many of the situations and ordeals if one reads, Blood Sins, Blood Ties, Hostage or any of the other ones. Hooper builds and creates, her interesting characters in one unrelenting struggle of paranormal, or supernatural means after another in a high class of imaginative exploration. Here characters are all extremely awesome and come off the page as real.

In Haunted there is one character I absolutely fell in love with, Braden, a dog. Truly a magical character that Hooper gives a unique reality at life. Braden becomes the story and is a very important character that I won’t forget. Haunted is a twisted little haunting of a book. A mountain serial killer. A small town. Secrets and powerful dark evil that is slowly coming to form.

Soon the small town is haunted by a beast of two forms. A human side and a dark side that is seeking the power of life, death and pain.

Trinity Nichols a local sheriff of a small mountain town of Sociable Georgia is dealing with an unexplained death of a friend. Something strange and odd has happened. Something paranormal. Trinity takes it upon herself to contact FBI’s Special Crimes Unit for help. She knows something is different and not quite normal about this murder. As the bodies pile up and the mystery thickens, Trinity herself has a few hidden secrets up her sleeve. Her partner a strange dog that seems to know things that dogs aren't supposed to know. A Group of 30 year old's who all graduated in the same school. A hit lists. A haunted Parsonage and Church. A kidnapper and serial killer. A coming storm. Past actions and violence all meet head on in this twisted story.

Hooper has written over 60 books in her long career and no matter if she is writing about killers, paranormal or romance, she has an undeniable quality that stands out, and allows the reader to adventure into a journey of amazing characters and situations. I highly recommend her books.

Haunted is equal parts spooky, thrilling and very deep and dark. Hooper is always able to thrill me and send me into her world of gifted persons. She not only weaves a tale with Haunted, but also displays a graphic nature of darkness and evil. That is something unique about Hooper’s writing, she does not hold back in description. She allows you to experience the horrible horror that the victim has gone through. She allows you feel for the victim and understand the violence done onto the victim. She makes you feel sorry for the victim. She allows you to realize how devastating the ordeal taking place is.

My Rating: 4 out of 5