My Book Review: Heroes of Earth by Martin Berman-Gorvine

Heroes of Earth by [Berman-Gorvine, Martin]My Review and Thoughts:

Wow what a fantastic imaginative experience this book left in my brain. Total weird originality.

I must admit something that most people might find shocking, I am not a huge science fiction fan. Now with that said I like masters like Bradbury, Heinlein, Pournelle, Niven and a few others. Lately it seems I am being asked or sent a lot of science fiction books. At first response I am like,” “uhhh” but then I put aside my differences, and adventure into the book, because being an honest, and good reviewer, one has to read all types of books to be thoroughly sound in the idea of being a true book critic. So, with that soap box rant, I get back to the point, and that is with the science fiction book I am reviewing.

You see I am all for science fiction when it’s a great science fiction. I love science fiction that has a mark of originality. Thankfully I was not let down because Martin Berman-Gorvine created that original, imaginative experience that I look for in science fiction. He was able to create a world, characters and ideas that allow the reader, to say, wow. Gorvine gave me the science fiction I grave, thoughtful, originality in the science fiction world.

This book is filled with an old-school style setting of sci-fi. It blends the odd, and weird reality of storytelling. There is a mix of silliness along with a tight structure tale that gives you that adventurous reality you expect in great science fiction. Dare I say that I saw aspects of Heinlein’s beautiful imaginative prose in Gorvine’s writing, yes, I do say it?

I first read Martin Berman-Gorvine in the wonderful Science Fiction collection book, Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets. His short story was titled Of Cat's Whiskers and Klutzes. I highly recommend Brave New Girls, it’s an important book not only for the fact it showcases fresh new authors, but it also donates the money from its sales to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

Heroes of Earth is not for everyone and is geared to a select group of readers that understand, grasp and love science fiction yarns. This is above and beyond fantasy and imagination. It mixes so many odd and weird realities with altered states and creatures, aliens, humans, portals and pure Drive-In style, old-school B-grade Science Fiction. I felt as if I was at a late night movie marathon of old black and white Sci-fi films, busting with creatures so outrageous that it made you giggle, and be weirdly entertained.

Would I Return to it again: I definitely would return to this author? Pure over the top imagination that works.

Would I Recommend: To science fiction and fantasy lovers.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5