My Book Review: In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

In a Dark, Dark Wood by [Ware, Ruth]My Review and Thoughts:

Solid book. Solid imagination. Tense at times. Written in a way that you become the characters, or at least you’re a fly on the wall watching everything unfold. The story never wavered in its appeal to grasp your emotions and nerves. I thought this was a rapid quick read. I was entertained to the very last sentence. A story I won’t forget. I will look forward to adventuring on many more trips of Ruth Ware's unique and descriptive imagination.

A mixer of a mystery, with what the crap, has happened in the past, style of thought.

I do have to mention on a side note, one of the coolest and dark book covers I have seen. Love the design of it.

Nora is your main character. She has some bad blood with an old friend named Clare. It’s been a while, but Nora is contacted and invited to a get together by Clare. Nora hopes this might be the opportunity to patch things up, or at least she was really shocked to get invited. Nora accepts the invitation. But as you would guess, something happens in the dark, dark house.

A nice edgy, mystery story that lingers with you, and keeps you enthralled with its darkness.

Interesting characters, equally interesting secrets and mystery. A very character drive plot.
This book might not be for everyone, there was a lot of talk, which took up most of the book. I think it becomes the appeal of getting to know the mindset of the characters and the way they think and act. I think what I ultimately like about the book is it’s one of those books that when you have to put it down because of chores, or moments in life, for that day, you still think about it, and when you get to read it next. The book is on your mind all the way through it and even after it’s concluded.

I think the plot is so well thought out, and the characters so well written that the situations and persons in the story become real. You can’t help thinking you know someone like these persons or might actually be one of these characters interacting in this thick plot of past secrets and actions.

Nora agrees to come to the house which happens to be in the middle of the woods. To celebrate the friend, she hasn’t seen in 10 years for her bachelorette party, or as they call it in Britain, a Hen Do. The Weekend brings her to the reality of the past, the very friend she has bad blood with. A 10 year gap of no communication. The book is about what happened that weekend, and what happen those 10 years before that left the bad blood between them. As you would guess that is the mystery, and the ultimate unraveling of a gripping, intense, edgy, and emotional story.

What needs to be said and stands out is this is the debut novel of Ruth Ware. Ware for a first time novel did a fantastic job in capturing and holding my attention to the very end. I loved her characters, plot, prose and that deep, dark sense of mystery.

My Rating: 4 out of 5