My Book Review: Acts of Violence by Ross Harrison

Acts of Violence by [Harrison, Ross]My Review and Thoughts:

A fresh new book of exciting story telling. A unique blend of old school detective with the futuristic realities of science fiction. Brilliant weaved characters. A great Pulp style undertaking. This has all the trademarks of the classic form of Pulpy Detective novels, yet is all new and fresh, and gives a different spin of imagination. The narration, the imagery, the plot, all are memorable, as you the reader turn each page.

I think what makes this a unique book, is yes, you’re on a different planet, and in a different time with futuristic things, but Harrison does not over saturate with techno mumbo jumbo.

The book in a reality is a thriller, a classic Film Noir style. Thick plot. Thick characters, all surrounded by a unique setting of the future that is vaguely mentioned. The story is the main focus, which makes it stand out, something that’s not just a basic read of surroundings or book filler to make it longer. Harrison gives you the story, fast, blunt, and it creates a quick read, yet has everything a book should have.

Harrison is able to build his characters, and places you as the reader in the situations, that those characters are going through. Most of all he makes you believe what is happening.

What I like most about this book is that from page one, you are taken control of, and you are never are let go until the very end. Thrilling. Action packed and character brilliance. Even when the book is over, I still was mind melded into the plot.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5