My Book Review: The Last Homecoming by Dan Chabot

My Review and Thoughts:

A wonderful book of storytelling. Amazing characters that grow on you. The book unfolds in wonderful ways that really does transcend off the pages into the mind of the reader. I really felt this story. I became one with it. This was a solid, quick read because of how wonderfully it's written. The author allows you to experience the story in a down to earth reality that the reader can relate to.

A book filled with Christmas spirit, unveiling secrets. An old house. Its walls have seen countless memories. Now in present time the house faces demolition for a new roadway to go in. The owner wants to hold a party to remember the memories and reality of this house. Chabot takes a trip to memory lane for this amazing house. Each member of the present party was, at one-time linked or living in the house. Those memories are flooded on the pages of this unraveling brilliance of personal struggles, life in general and secrets unfolding.

The book has a wonderful way of teaching or showcasing about caring, love, giving, compassion. There is a human experience inside the book. Four generations are brought to life on these pages. Each represenative of the house has a beautiful reality to be told.

Dan Chabot's writing makes the reader blessed and gives a cherished setting. I first read this over the Holiday season last year and felt more blessed in doing so. I think this is a new Holiday tradition that should be experienced over and over again.

Would I Return to It Again: Absolutely? I think this is a great book to return to during the Holiday season. It’s touches the soul and brings an emotional heart to beat. I feel this can be a tradition at Christmas time. Beauty in written form.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I feel this is a book that should be expressed to others. It’s a book that really in all honesty, should be experienced. The storytelling is beautiful, and the characters are just plain awesome.

Pages: 404

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Words: Amazing Storytelling. Beautiful. Emotional.