My Book Review: Rage by Stephen King

My Review and Thoughts:

This was a reread for me and everything's already been said that needs to be said through many reviews. This is one of Stephen King's best early books, one of my favorites. Sadly, this is hard to find and to read. It's very controversial because of kids with guns and the idea of taking a gun to school and killing and taking hostages.

Looking past that reality it's a great read. Very quick read. This was written under Stephen King’s pseudonym "Richard Bachman". This is an intense, eye opener. This is my third time reading it and it never gets old. A brutal and brilliant emotional ordeal that can grab you and shake the hell out of you.

I think this is one of Stephen King's greatest, most human stories. It's an intermingling of yes violence, but the violence really isn't the focus of the story. I also think it's one of the most focused books in Stephen King’s long career. Your main character Charlie Decker is one you don't forget or want to forget. A page turner that leaves you emotionally drained, intensely intrigued and most of all satisfied.

I had terrible school years. Specifically, high school teenage years. I was a victim of bullying. I was thrown downstairs. I was mistreated. My shoulder was broken in three different spots by bullies. I experienced the hell that I don't like to talk about and even like to bring up. I had some of the greatest rage in the world toward them. I thankfully did not act on what I thought of doing. So many kids out there that are picked on, bullied. That are pushed to the brink, sadly do choose the wrong path. I think this touches that reality and gives you the inner recesses of an individual filled with rage and pushed toward a path of no turning back.

This was originally titled Getting it On but was changed to Rage before publication. I can understand the backlash and the ridicule that this book has, because some school shooters read it and so on and so forth and so Stephen King basically stopped publication on it. I can understand that viewpoint but when we start pushing books away, and not allowing books to be published, to be read, then we are slowly becoming that Nazi like state of book burning, and book banning. Books that are deliberately not published because of content, is a form of banning books. Not allowing them to be published to the masses, to be read, to experience them and to let persons figure out if they like it or not, is wrong.

Rage is a psychological thriller that to me is very brilliant, and its atmosphere is wonderfully written. It deserves to be read and deserves to be published. I think if anything we can learn from the book. Just what makes school shooters tick or what could drive people to that insanity? I think Rage is more educational and more prominent and not just another story of a kid killing a bunch people.

This is one of those books that to me should not be overlooked. Sadly, it is and because of its content, it's very hard to get a hold of. To me it's so much more than just the legacy of Stephen King. Those who don't even like Stephen King well take to this book in my viewpoint. I feel one will thoroughly be entertained by this book because it so well written with actions throughout the human thinking process.

Some people ask me to describe this book. I always jokingly say, its, The Catcher in the Rye on crack.

Would I Return To Again: Absolutely, this is my third time and each time is as dynamic as it is the first time reading it?

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I think it's one of King's best that should be read, and experienced for its, human side. Its emotional understanding and for the actions taking place in the book; it leaves you in an intense state. I think he wrote one of his finest stories. His finest book on the inner recesses of the human mind.

Year Published: 1977

Book Length: 131 pages

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Words: Brilliant. Intense. Emotionally dark.