My Book Review: Shadowkiller by Wendy Corsi Staub

Shadowkiller (Nightwatcher Book 3) by [Staub, Wendy Corsi]My Review and Thoughts: 

I am a huge fan of Wendy's. Her books are always fun to read and very suspenseful, mystery filled and filled with Intrigue that always ends up being a thriller. She can build her characters throughout her books and build them in memorable ways. Each of her characters flow with a somewhat relatable reality. The reader can always grasp the characters. You become a part of the victims, but also you become a part of the villains.

She can hold the reader to the very end. She fills in tons of gaps making you wait, giving you just enough each chapter to send you to the next chapter. You become like a child wanting to turn the page after page. She gives you just enough to hold you to the edge and then slows down, then speeds up, slows down and then speeds up making you wait until the very end to get the whole story and conclusion of her suspenseful read.

Shadow killer is that way, it mixes all the wonderful trademarks of Wendy's storytelling. She's able to capture the vividness, the disturbing nature of the bad villains and the emotional makeup and reality of the innocent yet mixes the innocent with the guilty in this story.

Allison your main character is stalked and hunted by a woman with many names and a past of mystery and the present with multiple murdered victims. A cat and mouse game are played upon Allison and yet she doesn't even know she is playing.

This mystery is a very interesting book, it flashes into the past, into the present and you as the reader can get confused at times which is kind of one of the negatives about this book is it jumps around where you can get confused. The reader can overlook that because the book is a strong read with interesting characters.

What stands out is the complex villain. An interesting villain. The character driven villain leaves a lasting mark on the reader.

The whole story comes together into a complete interesting woven suspense thriller of a disturbing nature.

Your main villain, the focus point of the story is truly a disturbing and sadistic killer. A twisted little mind that creates the senseless acts of violence and truly is a character that one will remember. The only two downfalls to the story are one of the negatives I mentioned is it can be confusing at times, but the other negative is I felt that the ending was too quick. The reader wanted a greater showdown, but it seemed to just stop giving you a smack in the face. It was as if you spent all your time reading the story waiting for the final showdown between good and bad and then it was just like a smack in the face and it was over with.

Great read, great characters, great sadistic violence but ultimately confusing and a very weak ending. I wanted more. I think the readers of this story will love it. I enjoyed it because I'm a Wendy fan. I just wanted more from the ending. The beginning was awesome, the middle was awesome, the whole buildup to the final showdown was brilliant but then you got nothing which was a total blah moment.

The fans of Wendy like me will like it but if your person that just picks up random books you might be let down.

I enjoyed it, I thought it was a great read, like a state, with its negatives it still was a good read.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5