My Book Review: The Silver Gun by L. A. Chandlar

Image result for the silver gunMy Review and Thoughts:

A Thrilling wonderful trip into a total mystery.

A tight woven tale. A vivid experience of perfection through created believable characters.

L.A. Chandlar truly knows how to create characters and suspenseful situations, which grab and hold tightly to the reader.

What I love most is the trip back in time. She places you there during the time period. It feels real. Seems authentic. The words come to life. You the reader become entwined into the story. The surroundings, the players, the ultimate outcome, all comes full force.

The 1930's bleed off the page. Your mind takes hold of the story, and you want to be a part of it.
Immensely entertaining.

A thrilling perfection.

The plot is set in 1936. It's during the time of the Great depression. Your setting New York. Your main player is Lane Sanders. She works for the mayor. A fast paced job that she does well. Lane strives to succeed, but is haunted by her past. She is haunted with the reality of a Silver Gun.

What makes matters worse, there is great corruption in the political arena. There are those who do not like her boss, and are willing to destroy. Lane is trapped in that setting when she attacked by those associated with a ruthless gang. Her boss can't promise total protection.
The corrupt politicians want to use Lane against her boss. To make matters worse the attack harnessed unforgettable reactions. She was threatened with the same shocking Silver Gun from her haunted past of emotions.

Not only is Lane balancing a love affair, a career and now a nightmare of her past. She must figure out how her past nightmare is associated with a present organized crime.

Truly a great start to a book series. Art Deco Mystery series is going to be a truly enjoyable experience that I most assuredly will return to. Great characters. Awesome believable story-line. A wonderful read of excitement and emotional appeal.

L.A. Chandlar is a new favorite author. A wonderful writer that can grab and bring you into the story, make you believe, and become apart of the characters.

Would I Return: Absolutely. This is going to be a great mystery series. I can't wait to see what happens next and where characters move forward. This is a book that demands attention and also demands a following.

Would I Recommend: Again absolutely without a doubt. It has a demand on itself to be read, experienced and returned to.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Number of Pages: 336

Year Published: 2017

How I Read it: Book Form

Four Final Words: Impeccable. Impressive. Consistently entertaining