My Book Review: The Christmas Journalist by L. A. Chandlar

My Review and Thoughts:

I am delighted and thoroughly excited about sharing and talking about this awesome Christmas holiday related book. This is the second time I have read a Laurie Chandlar book. The first being The Silver Gun which is one of my favorite 2017 reads and one I highly recommend. This time around we adventure into the realm of holiday truths, traditions and the real truths behind the holiday traditions.

Your main character is Jane Smith. A journalist who takes an assignment. In reality, she is more forced to take the assignment on the history of Christmas. Little did she know the amazing history and real truths she would discover. This book is a fascinating exploration of real history wrapped inside a fictional story. What is so amazing about this book is you learn so much. You the reader get to experience a true treat including the first Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in 1931. Also, you adventure all the way to the 4th century in learning how gifts started in stockings in the nation Turkey. You also learn about the Twas the Night before Christmas poem and so much more. I thought I knew Christmas, but boy was I wrong.

Jane Smith soon discovers all the amazing reality and history and personal meaning of Christmas. I loved this book. So personal and touching in so many ways. A beautiful exploration of Christmas, one of the greatest Holidays.

If you know me then you know I am a huge History buff, so mixing true history around a wonderful fiction story is a true treat in my book. This is a brilliant example of how to bring truth out through a fictional story. Equal parts Holiday wonderment and equal parts informative reality.

There is 10 pages at the back of the book displaying pictures of the real truths inside the book. Giving it a more personal reality. Looking at the pictures and reading the truths of Christmas make this a one of a kind book that should be read and experienced.

I have become a huge fan of Laurie Chandlar. She is a passionate, strong storyteller that remains within your mind and heart long after the last page. Chandlar is truly a gifted writer and a one of kind master of weaving words into a thought provoking read, that entertains and pleases.

Final Statement:

The Christmas Journalist is a splendid one of kind read. A truly magical book. I love when I learn while reading. Not only is this a wonderful fictional read, it also is a wonderful true history read. It explores both.

Would I Return To it again?: I think I have a new tradition? I think this goes right along with A Christmas Carol every year.

Would I Recommend ?: In a heartbeat. One of the easiest recommendations.

How I Read: Paperback

Pages: 246

My Rating: 5 out of 5 : A perfect Score.

Four Words: Amazing. Touching. Informative. Perfection.